'Pure misogyny': Dennis Prager ripped for accusing women of 'disproportionately' destroying America

'Pure misogyny': Dennis Prager ripped for accusing women of 'disproportionately' destroying America
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On Tuesday, August 30, the Daily Signal published an op-ed by radio host and far-right culture warrior Dennis Prager that was infamously headlined, “Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country.” The piece has been receiving a lot of negative feedback, with Prager’s critics emphasizing that he isn’t even trying to hide his “misogyny,” but rather, is putting it on full display and reveling in it.

In the op-ed, Prager writes, “It’s true that females are not inclined to violence or predatory sexual behavior as men are, but this hardly means that girls and women don’t have to learn to control their natures…. It should be obvious that at least two generations of parents — especially among the well-educated — did not teach many of their daughters to control their emotions and think rationally. The result is that women are disproportionately active in doing damage to our society.”

Prager goes on to list some of the reasons why he believes that women, who comprise the majority of the U.S. population, are “disproportionately” tearing down American society — and he cites “education” as the “most obvious example.”

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Prager writes, “American schools teach less and indoctrinate more than ever before. Big-city public, and most private, schools are damaging young Americans to an extent and in ways no one imagined just a few years ago. Young children are prematurely sexualized…. And who is facilitating all of this? In virtually every case, a woman. Ninety-two percent of kindergarten teachers are women, 75% of all teachers are women and 85% of librarians are women. And they are teaching young people to despise their country; the creator of the poisonous ‘1619 Project’ is a woman.”

Prager also claims that “disproportionately,” women are “perverting the medical profession” by “advocating the teaching of woke ideologies in medical schools,” and he blames “women clergy” for being “at the vanguard of pushing Christianity and Judaism to the left.”

After the Daily Signal published Prager’s op-ed, many Twitter users lambasted Prager for his overt “misogyny.” Feminist Jessica Valenti, on August 31, devoted an entire thread to tearing the op-ed apart, tweeting, “not gonna lie, i love it when the misogyny is this pure.” And Valenti points out that Prager goes profession by profession in his op-ed, explaining why he despises female medical workers and female clergy as much as he despises female teachers.

Journalist Rebekah Sanderlin, responding to Valenti’s thread, wrote, “Love that he’s just admitting that men in his world have been relying on women to do everything important.” Twitter user @ESBray commented, “To be fair, Prager and the Heritage Foundation hate everyone except old, white, rich, corrupt Christian men.” And Twitter user Maenad Widdershins, @tmaenad, wrote, “The entire basis of his article rests on his belief that women cannot control their emotions and cannot think rationally. If you don’t see the problem with that basic belief, there is no argument that will help you.”

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