Dennis Prager claims the unvaccinated are the ‘most hated group since slavery’

Dennis Prager claims the unvaccinated are the ‘most hated group since slavery’
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Far right wing columnist and talk show host Dennis Prager is now flip-flopping on his lie that gay men were not treated like "pariahs" during the height of the AIDS crisis, but now he claims Americans refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are the "most hate group since slavery."

"There were 4000 "FU Dennis Pragers' just on one tweet last week because I had the chutzpah to say that the unvaccinated are pariahs, the way that gays were during the AIDS crisis," Prager said, as the video below shows.

Earlier this month Prager had falsely claimed, "During the AIDS crisis can you imagine if gay men and intravenous drug users, who were the vast majority of people with AIDS, had they been pariahs the way that the non-vaccinated are? But it would have been inconceivable and should have been inconceivable."

Prager's lie earned him a "Pants on Fire" rating from Politifact, which among other examples cites "the near-passage of an AIDS quarantine law in California; calls by prominent commentators for banning HIV-positive people from certain jobs or even tattooing them; jokes made about the disease by White House officials."

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Prager, apparently desperate to play the victim, told a church group that the left has "a monopoly on victimhood. There are no non-left wing victims. That's what they believe."

"However, I would argue that they're that the unvaccinated are bigger are bigger pariahs. Were AIDS – or gays or people with AIDS –banned from travel? Were they banned from restaurants? Were they fired from their jobs? Were they were they deprived of a way of feeding their family?" he asked.

The answer to all those questions and more is "Yes."

"The unvaccinated are the most hated group since, I would say since slavery," Prager continued, which is not only false but offensively so, given slaves were legally property and regularly raped, maimed, whipped, murdered, had their families stolen from them, and had no rights.

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"Make me, tell me who would be equivalent?" he continued. "You can say anything you want. You could wish us death. And we are wished death. That's exactly right. They should not be allowed to hospitals – Jimmy Kimmel basically said that."

Many Americans are at this point outraged that the pandemic continues for the sole reason that the unvaccinated are extending the life of the deadly, nearly two-year-old crisis.

Nearly 90,000 Americans on average are still being infected every day, a 16 percent increase over the previous week, according to the latest CDC statistics. More than 1000 Americans every day are dying from the disease, for which vaccines have been widely available for the better part of a year.


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