'Never saw this day coming to America': MAGA think tank's secret 'Sheriff Fellowship' curriculum unveiled

'Never saw this day coming to America': MAGA think tank's secret 'Sheriff Fellowship' curriculum unveiled
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A Trump-inspired think tank has reportedly unveiled its secret "Sheriff Fellowship" revealing the far-right's level of investment in law enforcement.

According to Slate magazine's assessment, the Claremont Institute's curriculum "reveals a program that presented for the sheriffs two sets of people in America: those communities sheriffs should police as freely and brutally as they see fit, and those “real” Americans who should be considered virtually above the law."

"Public information requests and other reporting have provided insight into the stated and unstated reasons behind the Claremont Institute’s recruitment of county sheriffs, and revealed the curriculum of the fellowship," Slate's Jessica Pishko wrote.

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Pishko's report also offers a brief breakdown of the curriculum.

"The first day was focused on policing and heavily featured the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald, a lawyer who has written dozens of articles arguing that law enforcement in America does not have an implicit or explicit racism problem," she wrote. "The supplemental readings for this section included articles and books by Mac Donald with titles like War on Cops, The Diversity Delusion, 'The Myth of Systemic Police Racism,' and “Black Lies Matter.”

She also added, "Day Two involved a series of history lessons, including New York Times Magazine’s editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein’s essay about the 1619 Project, of which Claremont Institute scholars have been deeply critical. (Nikole Hannah-Jones’ essay “America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One” was assigned as a supplemental reading.)"

According to Pishko, days three and four focused on a broader spectrum that detailed dealing with "one's enemy." "Day Three was focused on heady philosophical pursuits, while Day Four broadened the discussion to include various progressive movements and projects, largely, it seems, from the angle of learning about one’s enemy—or 'countering the perversion of the justice system by which the revolutionary Left seeks to advance its totalitarian agenda,' in Claremont-speak," she wrote.

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Pishko also noted the perspective of the far-right and how the curriculum could influence the latest regime of law enforcement officers.

"The intellectual far right also clearly sees the utility of an army of sheriffs who are able to put these ideals into practice. Prior to the last presidential election, the Claremont Institute’s 79 Days Report outlined how Donald Trump could take over the federal government by force, specifically naming county sheriffs as important to recruiting militia members and civilian posses to prevent 'hostile crowds of outsiders' from protesting a MAGA takeover."

The curriculum also appears to have the approval of sheriffs. Offering his take on the fellowship, Sheriff Kim Cole of Mason County, Michigan, wrote: “I never saw this day coming to America. A time when Sheriffs are placed in a position to stand in the gap between citizens’ rights and a government that seems to reach further and further over that line. Sheriffs must have a knowledge of where that line is and how to address the overreach with confidence.”

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