'Laying the wood to you guys’: Fox News' Jesse Watters slams GOP following Trump's FBI raid

'Laying the wood to you guys’: Fox News' Jesse Watters slams GOP following Trump's FBI raid
Image via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Fox News' Jesse Watters recently expressed disapproval of Republican lawmakers appearing to allow President Joe Biden to set the tone of the narrative ahead of the November midterm elections.

On Friday, September 9, Watters insisted that Republican lawmakers have offered no rebuttal regarding Biden's recent speech criticizing the political party. He also claimed that Biden appeared to convince the media that the focus should be on the criminal investigations former President Donald Trump is facing as opposed to his own performance while in office.

According to Watters, no one is working to push back against Biden's narrative.

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At one point during the segment, Watters highlighted a number of reports that he believes could have worked against Biden.

"The host shared a report from Politico that the White House is peeved at CNN’s coverage of Biden, which has reportedly opened a rift," Mediaite reported. "Watters also aired a snippet from a CBS News segment where Democratic voters shared concerns about Biden’s age."

However, that appears to have changed over the course of the last several days. Now that the United States' economic conditions are improving despite Biden's low approval ratings, Watters argues that Biden is attempting to flip the script on Republicans.

Referencing Biden's depiction of Republicans as Make America Great Again (MAGA) extremists, Watters said, “So Biden has decided to go on offense himself and attack half the country,” Watters said.

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Watters also said:

"Here’s the Biden strategy: you take the focus off the Democrats and you just talk about Trump. Make Trump what the media focuses on and they will. So, they don’t focus on crime, inflation, open borders and the fact that Joe hasn’t done a single interview in 200 days.

Biden wants to divide the Republican Party. And the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump are MAGA Republicans who don’t believe in democracy."

Watters added, “What I want to know is why aren’t the Republicans fighting back? Biden raided Trump’s house, the Republican Party said nothing and that’s all Joe needed to know. He saw an opening.”

The Fox News host concluded, “I don’t know if Republicans are still on vacation, or they think if they just lay low, history is going to be on their side in the midterms, but Joe Biden is laying the wood to you guys, and I haven’t heard a peep.”

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