Donald Trump ends his weekend by insulting NASA

Donald Trump ends his weekend by insulting NASA
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Former President Donald Trump spent Sunday evening griping on his Twitter knockoff app Truth Social about a variety of topics that appear to be eating away at his psyche following a weekend full of potentially devastating personal legal developments.

The first post appeared at 6:15 p.m., wherein Trump maintained his innocence in the multitude of criminal probes that are underway into his post-presidency behavior:

Here we go again! The Radical Left Dems fraudulently created the now fully debunked Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, they got caught and failed, but tried to get me with 'obstructing' their Fake investigation of their fraudulent, made up story. So, they make up a vicious & fake story, I fight it, and they claim I obstructed the investigation. It didn’t work, but now they are doing the same thing with the RAID on Mar-a-Lago assault. I did nothing wrong, they did. It is prosecutorial misconduct!

The second arrived at 6:37 p.m., and Trump used it to peddle conspiracy theories while again denying any wrongdoing:

The DOJ and FBI are practicing Election Interference at the highest and most dishonest level our Country has ever seen before, both in the Midterms, and the 2024 Presidential Election. They allowed spying on my campaign (and did nothing!), told Facebook and the Media that the Laptop from Hell was 'Russian Disinformation' (it wasn’t!), and now they don’t want anyone to read the words and meaning of the very important Presidential Records Act, under which I did nothing wrong, BUT THEY DID - RAID!

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The third, which came at 7:43 p.m., contained boastful praise and scorn toward the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which on Monday will test launch its new lunar rocket, weather permitting. That program began under Trump, who incorrectly claimed that American space exploration was "dead" until he took office:

The first step in the return to the moon, tomorrow’s Artemis Launch, was proudly a signature policy of the Trump Administration, where we totally revamped NASA and our virtually 'dead' space program. I am sure that the Fake News will explain to all the great job that we did!

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