Watch: Tucker Carlson blames women and marijuana for the most recent mass shooting

Watch: Tucker Carlson blames women and marijuana for the most recent mass shooting
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Fox News' Tucker Carlson has spun a new conspiracy theory about the suspects allegedly involved in mass shootings. According to the conservative primetime host, women and marijuana are partially to blame for the deadly shootings.

On Tuesday, July 5, Carlson offered his take on the court appearance for Robert E. Crimo, the 21-year-old shooting suspect arrested for the mass shooting that took place at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Ill. Per HuffPost: The suspect is now facing a string of charges including multiple counts of first-degree murder in connection with the shooting after allegedly killing seven victims.

But although Crimo is said to have pulled the trigger, Carlson is blaming "social media, porn, video games, and drugs for the actions of men accused of mass shootings," according to HuffPost. The conservative host also attempted to claim that gunmen believe they'll ultimately end up “'worse' off than their parents."

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“They are high on government-endorsed weed, ‘smoke some more, it’s good for you...’” Carlson said, later adding, “And yet the authorities in their lives ― mostly women ― never stops lecturing them about their so-called privilege.”

Carlson's latest remarks follow a string of bizarre conspiracy theories. Over the last couple of years, Fox News has faced deep scrutiny for continuing to allow Carlson to spew dangerous rhetoric and circulate misinformation about current events. Back in May, the television host was criticized for spinning one of his most farfetched theories yet.

Following the mass school shooting that took place in Uvalde, Texas, Carlson attempted to argue that the Uvalde shooting and the supermarket shooting in Buffalo, N.Y. were somehow related to COVID restrictions. According to Carlson, the lockdowns contributed to a rise in mental illness although he offered no evidence to support that argument.

Although Carlson and other Republicans have made an effort to place blame on everything but guns, it is important to note that gun control in other areas of the world has proven to be effective.

Pushing back against Carlson's COVID restriction arguments, HuffPost highlighted: "Many countries implemented lengthy and isolating lockdowns during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Australia and New Zealand, which have stricter gun control measures than the U.S., experienced some of the world's longest lockdowns, yet saw no comparable shootings."

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