DeSantis attempts to explain the ideology behind woke math

DeSantis attempts to explain the ideology behind woke math
Image via Gage Skidmore

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) recently expressed concern about "woke math's" number and how he disapproves of it. On Friday, July 15, the Republican governor detailed his frustration during a speech at a recent Moms of Liberty conference held in Tampa, Fla.

Speaking to the group of conservative mothers who have publicly opposed many aspects of current education, DeSantis lodged an attack on what "woke" mathematics and school library books he has deemed inappropriate.

"Some of these libraries you'll have these elementary school middle school - and really just explicit and just not appropriate, and so parents need to be able to know that to be able to lodge objections," the governor said during the event which was held at the Tampa Marriott Water Street hotel ballroom.

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According to HuffPost, DeSantis was "unable to elucidate exactly what “woke math’ is." and the governor "indicated that it’s math with little regard for correct calculations, which was news to the world."

"I'm just thinking to myself, like, 2+2=4 right? It's not '2+2= well, how do you feel about that? Is that an injustice?'" DeSantis said. Answering his own question, he said, "No - we gotta teach the kids to get the right answer."

DeSantis also boasted about how the state of Florida banned a list of "woke" math textbooks back to the companies that published them. He insisted that the state “took the woke out and sent us back normal math books.”

The governor's latest speech comes just months after the Florida Department of Education returned thousands of kindergarten to fourth-grade math textbooks to the publishers. However, it remains unclear why math textbooks were targeted in the first place.

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Per HuffPost: "It’s not crystal clear why so many books were rejected. Florida is desperately trying to dodge, for example, any teaching in schools about racism or the LGBTQ community (with the new “Don’t Say Gay” law). But it’s difficult to know how those issues would pop up in a math textbook."

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