Dana Carvey parodies 'soothing grandpa' Joe Biden while guest-hosting 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Dana Carvey parodies 'soothing grandpa' Joe Biden while guest-hosting 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
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When comedian Dana Carvey was on “Saturday Night Live” in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he was famous for, among many other things, his goofy impression of then-President George H.W. Bush. Not only did the late Bush 41 not take offense at the parody — in contrast to how much former President Donald Trump was infuriated by Alec Baldwin’s “SNL” impression of him — but Carvey even became friends with the Bush family because of it.

When Carvey, now 67, guest-hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night, July 18, however, the parody that stood out the most was his parody of President Joe Biden. Carvey briefly did his famous Bush 41 impression and noted some of his old “SNL” characters — including Church Lady and Garth from “Wayne’s World” — during his opening monologue before he segued into an impression of Biden.

Carvey commented, “Have you noticed that Biden’s gotten a little feistier lately? Because when he first came out, he was like a soothing grandpa offering you a butterscotch from his coin purse… We wanted this Grandpa president because we had four years of Shouting McFatpants.”

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Doing his Biden impression, Carvey noted Biden’s frequent references to his Scranton, Pennsylvania upbringing — saying, in a Biden-like voice, “I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. My dad, my dad lost his job. No joke, I’m not kidding around here.”

Carvey went on to say, “Now, what he does, is he kind of whispers — and then, he yells…. I think it’s a wonderful move.”

Biden would no doubt have a sense of humor about Carvey’s parody if he saw it. During the Barack Obama years, when Biden was vice president, he seemed genuinely amused by Jason Sudeikis’ wacky impression of him on “SNL.”

“SNL” has been lampooning presidents since its debut in 1975, when Chevy Chase became famous for his impression of then-President Gerald R. Ford. During the 1992 presidential election, Carvey portrayed both Bush 41 and rival candidate Ross Perot, while the late Phil Harvey portrayed Bill Clinton.

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Watch Carvey’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” monologue below or at this link.

Guest Host Dana Carvey on Biden’s Fist Bump, Celebrity Impressions & Guillermo at the All-Star Game youtu.be

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