'He was stupid': Donald Trump rages at Bill Barr after January 6th panel airs ex-attorney general's testimony

'He was stupid': Donald Trump rages at Bill Barr after January 6th panel airs ex-attorney general's testimony
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Former President Donald Trump isn't a happy camper following former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr's testimony before the House Select Committee. On Thursday, June 9, Barr delivered a private testimony for the committee investigating the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol.

Barr admitted that he personally felt like Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud and the election being stolen were "bullshit." Speaking of Trump's push for investigations into voter fraud, Barr also insisted that he had no desire to be “a part of it.”

"I had three discussions with the president that I can recall," Barr said. "One was on Nov. 23, one was on Dec. 1 and one on Dec. 14, and I’ve been through sort of the give and take of those discussions and in that context I made it clear I did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff, which I told the president was bullshit.

"And I didn’t want to be a part of it and that’s one of the reasons that went into me deciding to leave when I did. I observed, I think it was December 1st, you know, he can’t live in a world where the incumbent administration stays in power based on its view, unsupported by specific evidence that there was fraud in the election."

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The former attorney general's remarks come after years of scrutiny and criticism due to his refusal to put aside political motivations while in office. Barr often had a habit of doing Trump's bidding and bending the judicial rules to accommodate the former president's agenda. However, now he has ruffled Trump's feathers to the point where the former president is speaking out with blistering remarks.

Shortly after reports began circulating about Barr's testimony, Trump fired back saying:

Bill Barr was a weak and frightened Attorney General who was always being “played” and threatened by the Democrats and was scared stiff of being Impeached. How do you not get impeached? Do nothing, or say nothing, especially about the obviously RIGGED & STOLEN Election or, to put it another way, THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY! The Democrats hit pay dirt with Barr, he was stupid, ridiculously said there was no problem with the Election, & they left him alone. It worked for him, but not for our Country!

Following up, Trump also added more colorful remarks about his former ally.

….Bill Barr was a coward who would not let his U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia, where Election Fraud was rampant, to even think about looking at it (see previously posted letter from U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain). I believe that by their inaction, others were told this also!

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