'A middle finger to New York': 'The View' co-hosts offer stinging assessment of SCOTUS gun rights ruling

'A middle finger to New York': 'The View' co-hosts offer stinging assessment of SCOTUS gun rights ruling
The View (screengrab).

The ladies of "The View" kicked off today's show with a discussion about the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling to overturn a controversial law in the state of New York that required individuals to provide “proper cause” to obtain concealed carry permits. In wake of the nationwide, legislative controversy surrounding gun control and the need for stricter laws, the "The View" hosts offered their take on the ruling.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg began the discussion with a quick overview of the court's ruling as the other ladies also shared their opinions. “Now people are still processing all of this," Goldberg said. "The implications, we don’t know really what it actually means, but, you know, given everything New York City is going through, it seems — I don’t even have the words. It seems –”

“Stupid?” co-host Ana Navarro interjected.

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“No. It’s worse than that. It’s worse than that. It’s not even stupid,” Goldberg said.

“It’s insane,” said Joy Behar.

“It’s a death wish of sorts,” said another co-host who was off-screen.

Goldberg continued, "No. It’s so — it’s such a middle finger to New York. It’s a middle finger to New York because, you know, we have been trying to figure out how to get a handle on all that has been going on in this city in particular with gun laws, and it makes you wonder, what does this mean? Are we saying to people yes, you can come to the city and conceal your weapon, and now the police have to figure out who is carrying and who’s not and who’s legal to carry?”

“I mean, it’s insane,” Goldberg concluded.

Co-host Sunny Hostin also chimed in to point out another important detail about the ruling. She emphasized how it “doesn’t only apply to New York" adding that it is “a federal decision” and “it does expand the Second Amendment right as we know it.”

Referencing a precedent the Supreme Court set back in 2008 with Heller, Hostin explained how that “gave us the individual right to bear arms, something that people didn’t necessarily read into the constitution.”

“Now, Clarence Thomas writing for the supermajority 6 to 3 now writes, well, you can take that right outside of your home, and if you have the need — a self-defense need, and you say, I’m carrying this for self-defense, you can carry your gun anywhere, any place, any time, and I think that’s why people are sort of freaking out about that, right?” she concluded.

As footage of the discussion began circulating on social media, Twitter users also began sharing their reactions.

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