Joe Scarborough predicts GOP voters will pick Ron DeSantis over 'fat Elvis' Donald Trump in 2024

Joe Scarborough predicts GOP voters will pick Ron DeSantis over 'fat Elvis' Donald Trump in 2024
Morning Joe (screengrab).

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is weighing in with his blistering opinion of former President Donald Trump as a new poll appears to suggest that he could lose the 2024 Republican nomination to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

On Thursday, June 23, Scarborough and Michael Steele — an MSNBC contributor and the former Republican National Committee (RNC) chair discussed the poll compiled by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center which suggests DeSantis is actually the more favorable Republican to clinch the party's next presidential nominee.

Steele shared his own observation saying. “Governor DeSantis has very craftily and stealthily in some sense positioned himself as a better version of Donald Trump.” However, he quickly added, “I think he’s just as dangerous.”

Who would you vote for in 2024, Biden or DeSantis? Vote now.

The former RNC chair went on to say that he also believes the poll “shows that there’s a pathway” for voters who may have cast a full Republican ticket in states like Georgia but may have bypassed the presidential vote.

According to Steele, those voters represent "the problem that Trump presents for the party going into 24. DeSantis right now seems to be a gateway to something that gives them a competitive edge over the Democrats at the presidential level.”

Scarborough's MSNBC co-host Willie Geist also explained how Trump's “baggage” and “backward-looking” references toward past controversies surrounding the 2020 presidential election appear to be problematic for some Republican voters. He also noted that: “a lot of Republicans that you talk to, and I do, too, believe DeSantis could at least be forward-looking and not look back at an election he claims was stolen.”

Scarborough also recalled Trump's previous antics as he criticized the former president comparing him to Elvis Presley:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Well, I mean, you look, at you look at his speeches, even the one this past week, they are all backward-looking and they’re all the greatest hits from 2016, and not performed well. With all due respect to the king of rock and roll, this is fat Elvis in 77, huffing and puffing and sweating and bloated and –.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: — like, barely being able to get this, y’know, the scarves out from around his neck, throwing them into the crowd. This is not a pretty sight. And so I don’t think Republicans I just don’t think Republicans want this. But again, there are because as I’ve always said, Mika, as you know, as goes Nashua, so goes France.

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