Donald Trump facing 'a plethora of criminal charges': Norman Eisen

Donald Trump facing 'a plethora of criminal charges': Norman Eisen
Norman Eisen (screengrab/ewdolan/rumble).

Speaking on CNN this Wednesday, legal analyst Norm Eisen said that in light of recent testimony before the Jan. 6 committee, "Trump's involvement in violence" on Jan. 6 is now being scrutinized, making legal action all the more possible.

Defense attorney Caroline Polisi agreed, saying there is "now a plethora of potential criminal charges at play."

"We talk a lot about what crimes could be charged here, and yesterday was the first time I certainly saw that we saw a through-line between seditious conspiracy, the violence that took place [on Jan. 6] we heard about in the first hearing with the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, and actually President Trump," Polisi said.

"Up until this time, yesterday essentially, I could only see exposure for obstruction of an official proceeding, potentially obstruction -- conspiracy to defraud the United States, things of that nature," she continued. "Now we're actually getting around to the realm of seditious conspiracy."

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top White House aide with unique access to Trump and the inner workings of the West Wing, testified Tuesday at the sixth June hearing of the House committee probing the attack on the US Capitol.

An executive assistant to Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows, she was a central figure in the White House around the period of the insurrection on January 6 last year.

In some of the most explosive testimony from the hearings so far, Hutchinson said Trump and some of his top lieutenants were aware of the possibility of violence ahead of the attack -- contradicting claims that the assault was spontaneous and had nothing to do with the administration.

Hutchinson said she recalled her boss saying four days before the insurrection: "Things might get real, real bad on January 6."

Hutchinson had sought out Meadows, she said, after a White House meeting involving Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

As they were heading to Giuliani's car, he asked her if she was "excited" for January 6, she testified.

When she asked what was happening on that day, Hutchinson testified that Giuliani "responded something to the effect of, 'We're going to the Capitol,'" Hutchinson said.

"'It's going to be great. The president's going to be there. He's going to look powerful. He's going to be with the members. He's going to be with the senators. Talk to the chief about it. Talk to the chief about it. He knows about it.'"

Watch the video below.

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