'Change course now': Bernie Sanders pens a chilling warning for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections

'Change course now': Bernie Sanders pens a chilling warning for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections
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As the 2022 midterm elections approach, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is urging his Democratic colleagues to change course if they want to remain in control of both chambers of government.

In an op-ed published by The Guardian, the progressive lawmaker expressed concern about the country's financial strain and the economic toll inflation is taking on American workers.

Although Republicans are aggressively working to "overturn Roe v Wade, opposing a minimum wage increase, embracing more tax breaks for the rich and the growth of oligarchy, and stopping us from passing serious gun safety legislation," Sanders noted that the right-wing party still has a good chance of gaining control of the House and Senate.

He went on to explain why. "According to numerous polls, the Republicans stand an excellent chance of winning this coming November," Sanders wrote. "The main reason: while the Democratic party has, over the years, been hemorrhaging support from the white working class, it is now losing support from Latino, Black and Asian workers as well."

The lawmaker added, "The enthusiasm level within the Democratic base is extremely low. It is not only working-class support that is fading away but it is also that young people, who helped elect Biden and other Democrats in 2020, are becoming increasingly demoralized and are not likely to vote in large numbers in this coming election."

He also acknowledged the needs of the American people and what many really want in wake of an impending recession. "Amid grotesque and widening income and wealth inequality and decades of wage stagnation, the existential threat of climate crisis, a rigged tax system, and crises in healthcare, childcare, and housing, the American people wanted Congress to finally stand up and represent their interests, not just the greed of wealthy campaign contributors," Sanders wrote, adding, "And that’s what the Build Back Better Act was about. Poll after poll showed overwhelming support for virtually every provision in that legislation."

According to Sanders, there are a number of things Democrats need to do if they want a more favorable outcome during the November midterms.

"What the Democrats need to do, right now, is to make it clear: they may have 50 votes in the Senate, but they do not have 50 votes to pass the legislation that the American people want and need," he wrote. "They have no Republican support and there are two Democrats who will vote with Republicans on important issues."

With so many issues threatening democracy, Sanders stressed how imperative it is to be proactive in tackling key issues that concern the American people.

"Now is the time to make democracy work. Let us bring to the Senate floor the major issues impacting working families and vote, vote, and vote again. Even if we lost these votes, which is likely, the American people have the right to see where their elected officials stand. Make them vote!"

He concluded, "The Democratic party cannot continue to ignore the needs of the working class of our country and expect to retain majority control in the US House and US Senate. It’s time to show which side we’re on. It’s time to start voting."


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