MAGA alternative GOP candidate takes political jab at Trump

MAGA alternative GOP candidate takes political jab at Trump
Image via Wikimedia Commons

A day before her defeat in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate race, a candidate in Pennsylvania took aim at former President Donald Trump amid her rapid surge in the polls. According to The New York Times, Kathy Barnette fired back at the former president who recently raised questions about her electability.

Trump, who endorsed Barnette's political opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz, was featured on a robocall in support of Oz on Monday, May 16. In true Trump fashion, he attempted to diminish Barnette's credibility as he argued that she may not “put America first.”

In response to Trump's remarks, Barnette reminded him of the outcome of their 2020 elections. Although they both lost the races, Barnette noted that Trump's margin was actually higher than hers.

“I lost by 19 points, Donald Trump lost by more than 26 points,” Barnette said, according to The New York Times. “Who’s less electable with those numbers?” she said. A confident Barnett also describes herself as a "promising alternative to MAGA Republicans," as she insists she has the ability to "get people that Donald Trump was not able to get.”

Focusing on the word "electability," Barnette attempted to use Trump's own argument against him.

“So when you want to talk about electability, I think that’s a really good sign that I’m able to get people that Donald Trump was not able to get,” Barnette said. “That’s the power of me being able to walk into any single corner of this commonwealth. I believe we Republicans have the better values, quite frankly, and I believe we have the better story. I just think we keep picking people who suck at telling it.”

Distancing from Trump's "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) community, Barnette also shed light on the difference in her political beliefs as opposed to Trump's. “Contrary to the left, President Trump does not have a cult of followers,” she said. “We never aligned our values with President Trump; President Trump-aligned his values with us.”

As of Wednesday, May 18, the race remains a toss-up between Oz and businessman Dave McCormick.


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