Bill Maher weighs in with comical reaction to Elon Musk suggesting he'd allow Trump back on Twitter

Bill Maher weighs in with comical reaction to Elon Musk suggesting he'd allow Trump back on Twitter
Bill Maher, Wikipedia

Bill Maher is offering his take on the possibility of former President Donald Trump making a return to Twitter. Although he's currently banned from the social media platform, Elon Musk has suggested that he would be willing lift the ban.

On Friday, May 13, on HBO’s "Real Time with Bill Maher," the comedian asked his guests, Ian Bremmer and Jane Harman, to offer their take on Musk's remarks. Harman expressed concern about the possibility of Trump returning to social media due to his alleged role in the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, Maher waved off the concern and offered a more comical perspective.

Recalling Trump's Twitter antics, Maher said he'd welcome the former president's social media return which would likely lead to more jaw-dropping tweets and quips about cocaine.

Here is the dialogue of Maher and Harman's exchange:

JANE HARMAN: (B)e careful what he wishes for, if he heads Twitter and all of a sudden all kinds of crazy stuff, you know, tear down the government and anti, uh, white supremacists and other stuff comes back there. His shareholders are going to sell their stock in his companies. And so I don’t understand what he gets out of this. He’s already got a huge audience. BILL MAHER: But that is what free speech is. It’s defending the speech we hate. I mean, you must…

JANE HARMAN: I agree with that.

BILL MAHER: Well, you just said if he’s, allows…
JANE HARMAN: No, inciting people to riot…
BILL MAHER: Well, inciting. It’s already against the law. Inciting people to riot. No one’s — no one’s even suggesting that.

JANE HARMAN: Well, that I think is why…

BILL MAHER: He’s not suggesting that.

JANE HARMAN: …Trump got removed from Twitter….

BILL MAHER: That, these are strawmen. But the first thing he tweeted when he bought this, he said, you know, now I’m going to buy Coca-Cola and put the Coke back in. I thought, when I read that, I thought “Okay, daddy’s home.” Because like this is exactly what Twitter was at the beginning, what it should be. Irreverent, funny. I’m sure there are people like, Oh, cocaine is not funny, and addiction and all this. And it’s like, if you don’t think that’s funny or that belongs on Twitter, you have always been the problem with what you are a square, you are a hater, you too much full of anxiety. You don’t know what fun is this? If Twitter goes back to that, that alone would be a good thing.

BILL MAHER: [00:30:27] So there’ll be some advertising on it.

Although Musk has made major headlines for his massive $44 billion-dollar offer to purchase Twitter, Trump actually insists he doesn't believe he'd actually buy the platform. During an interview on Friday, May 13, Trump said, "There is no way Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter at such a ridiculous price, especially since realizing it is a company largely based on BOTS or Spam Accounts," Trump wrote on Friday, per Mashable. "Fake anyone?"

However, Musk appears to be moving forward with his plan despite the actual deal being temporarily on hold. According to Business Insider, he has indicated that he plans to conduct research in order to determine how many Twitter accounts are authentic.

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