Conservative pundit slams Republicans for just now calling out ‘sexist, racist’ Madison Cawthorn

Conservative pundit slams Republicans for just now calling out ‘sexist, racist’ Madison Cawthorn

Far-right Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina has drawn strong criticism from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans for his recent comments about orgies and cocaine use in Washington, D.C., but Never Trump conservative and CNN pundit S.E. Cupp isn’t impressed by their outrage. In light of all the extreme and appalling things that Cawthorn has had to say, Cupp finds it ridiculous that Republicans are just now calling him out.

In an early April commentary aired by CNN, Cupp remarked, “Oh, now you’re embarrassed…. Republicans are coming out hard against one of their own, finally. No, not the big guy — they’re still all in for Donald Trump, it seems.”

Cawthorn, Cupp added, has “made quite a name for himself” during his 14 months in Congress — and not in a good way.

“There was that time he tried to board a plane with a gun in his carry-on, he claimed, by mistake,” Cupp recalled. “And the time he posted and deleted pictures from his vacation at Hitler’s summer retreat. He called Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who does not drink, an alcoholic. He spoke at the rally that preceded the Capitol insurrection and later tried to blame the violence there on Democratic agitators.”

Cupp continued, “He’s falsely claimed elections are rigged and promised bloodshed if they continued to be…. But none of these things seemed to daunt his fellow Republicans. It was his most recent offense that finally got their attention. He went on a podcast last week and suggested that Washington was full of open drug use and orgies.”

Those comments, Cupp noted, “prompted a meeting with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who says he told Cawthorn: He’s lost my trust, he’s going to have to earn it back.”

Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Cupp added, said of Cawthorn, “He’s been an embarrassment.” And Sen. Thom Tillis, North Carolina’s other GOP senator, complained that Cawthorn “hasn’t demonstrated much in the way of results.”

“Now, this is great news that Republicans are finally willing to say “Enough!” to one of their own,” Cupp commented. “Cawthorn is indeed an embarrassment not just to the party, but to the country. But it really says something that the bridge too far wasn’t his role in the insurrection, spreading lies about elections, slandering his colleagues, racist attacks against his opponents, or any of the other vile parts of his resumé. It was what he said about them.”

Cupp continued, “It seems many Republicans are fine with the perception that the party is sexist, racist, undemocratic, dishonest, corrupt — I mean, they kind of had to be when they gave Trump their blessing. But drug users and sex fiends, that’s really out of line.”

All it took to offend McCarthy, Cupp added, “was a fake rumor about the Washington party scene.”

Watch the video below:

SE Cupp: This is what it took to embarrass

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