Trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr. mercilessly belittled for error-filled gun photo-op

Trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr. mercilessly belittled for error-filled gun photo-op

Donald Trump Junior's tough-guy act has been a subject of intense ridicule for years, and the lashings he routinely receives on social media as well as on the news have become commonplace ever since he joined his father's plot to steal the 2020 election.

But Junior's affinity for hunting defenseless endangered animals is a recurring topic of particularly brutal scorn. In 2020, the non-profit group One Green Planet catalogued his Shameful Hunting Escapades Around the World. The organization inventoried half a dozen domestic and international trips that Junior took to kill wild game.

In one infamous case, Junior posed next to a dead elephant that he slaughtered in Zimbabwe while holding its severed tail. The pachyderm was among several creatures whose lives were taken by Junior and his siblings during their 2012 safari. Other images "showed the brothers smiling while holding up a dead leopard" and "documented the Trump brothers 'celebrating' their kills of a kudu, civet cat, waterbuck, and crocodile," One Green Planet noted.

That was not a standalone incident. Nor was it the crowning example of Junior's depraved bloodlust, which in subsequent expeditions served as a means for personal financial profit.

In 2019, One Green Planet continued, Junior "auctioned off several hunting trips with himself for Hunter Nation, a group with the self-proclaimed mission 'to restore hunters to their rightful place as America’s truest conservationists and protectors of our herds, flocks, and fisheries in the minds of policymakers and the general public through effective public relations media campaigns.'"

Similarly, in 2020, One Green Planet explained, "at SCI’s annual convention—where wealth, privilege, and power come together to share a revolting, common goal to mow down the world’s rarest and most beloved wildlife—Donald Trump Jr. was the headliner. He not only spoke to a room filled with fellow trophy hunters, but he also worked the crowd, enticing attendees to bid on an opportunity to hunt with him. The two winning bidders paid $340,000 to join him for what was promoted as a 'dream hunt' on a luxury yacht in Alaska to kill back-tailed deer and sea ducks."

Junior's butchery and the public displays of accomplishment that accompanied his excursions would lead one to believe that at the very least, the guy knows how to handle a gun.

That illusion was shattered on Tuesday when a photograph was tweeted by PatriotTakes that showed Junior doing everything wrong at a firing range.

The account – which monitors right-wing shenanigans – asked a poignant question: "why does Don Jr. have a handgun on a tripod?"

Twitter users who appeared to know a thing or two about guns had a bunch of their own too.

Additional merciless theories and observations emerged.


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