'This is nuts': Trump's new attorney accused of botching court filing

'This is nuts': Trump's new attorney accused of botching court filing
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Donald Trump's legal adviser Alina Habba, who regularly appears on the right-wing One America News channel, recently filed documents with the New York court. But her critics claim she signed an area of the document that the judge is actually supposed to sign.

"You can’t make this stuff up! Trump’s superstar counsel @AlinaHabba served me with a defective subpoena and worse, files an Order To Show Cause that she signs as if she was the Judge authorized to decide the merits of the case," former Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweeted on Tuesday.

Attorney and former Florida judicial appointee Ron Filipkowski added: "Trump’s new genius Attorney Alina Habba filed a proposed Order to Show Cause with the court on Michael Cohen and signed her own name to it where the Judge is supposed to sign these. This is nuts. Only the best people."

The court has already eliminated the document online, saying that it was sent back for corrections.

The case is about Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller, who is accused of assaulting protesters in 2015 outside of Trump Tower who took umbrage with the candidate's positions on immigration.

According to the filing, Habba said she wants to compel a deposition but doesn't want him to appear in court. She also asked for the trial dates to be removed from the calendar because she isn't ready. Trump's previous lawyers had indicated that they were prepared to go to trial, but Habba said she is not. She also wants it removed from the trial calendar because "pre-trial discovery is not complete."

Cohen was supposed to voluntarily appear for a deposition on April 6 but the documents say that he did not. So, Habba tried to file a subpoena for Cohen but allegedly botched it.

Previous details on the case show that Trump was supposed to give a deposition on Oct. 18, 2021, but it doesn't indicate if that happened.

Habba, who has been mocked by legal analysts online, is reportedly not getting along well with other Trump lawyers, The Daily Beast reported last month

“‘What the f*ck is she doing?’ is probably the most common question we asked about her,” said one of the Trump lawyers, who still works for the former president.


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