Jimmy Kimmel lambasts Ted Cruz for ‘out-sliming’ himself during Jackson confirmation hearings

Jimmy Kimmel lambasts Ted Cruz for ‘out-sliming’ himself during Jackson confirmation hearings
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By the time Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings ended on Thursday, March 24, President Joe Biden’s nominee to replace the retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the U.S. Supreme Court had been questioned by a long list of senators — including Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Certainly, Supreme Court nominees should be asked tough questions, but there was nothing intelligent or informative about Cruz’s line of questioning — which was pure culture war drivel. And late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel lambasted Cruz during the March 24 broadcast of his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

When the far-right Cruz was questioning Jackson, he asked her a lot of questions about critical race theory — which has become an obsession of MAGA Republicans. And he made it painfully clear that he doesn’t even understand what CRT is and isn’t.

The 54-year-old Kimmel told viewers, “Ted Cruz…. he even out-slimed himself this week Tuesday. He singled out this children’s book called ‘Antiracist Baby’ for promoting critical race theory, which it actually doesn’t. He said the book teaches that ‘Babies are born racist,’ which it also doesn’t. And, as a result of Ted’s tirade, that book is now No. 1 on Amazon.”

The late-night host, who described Cruz as a “jackass,” went on to say, “And not only is the book selling well — since Cruz’s little grandstand, Amazon is also seeing a spike in sales of psoriasis medication, wart-remover, nose-hair trimmers, male Spanx, slug repellent, and mullet combs. So, congratulations to Ted.”

The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern, reporting on Kimmel’s broadcast, notes, “The book is written by Ibram X. Kendi and has absolutely nothing to do with Jackson. So, she was presumably only asked about this book because she is Black.”

Kimmel also slammed the self-serving Cruz for searching his own name on Twitter during one of Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings — something Los Angeles Times photographer Kent Nishimura caught him doing.

“If you’re wondering what Ted Cruz was really focused on during the hearings,” Kimmel told viewers, “somebody got a shot of him on his phone yesterday searching for his own name on Twitter. How embarrassing. And can you imagine being Ted Cruz and still wanting to know what people were saying about you online?”

Watch the video below:

Ted Cruz Out-Slimes Himself, Trump Sues Hillary & the Awful People’s Choice Awards!youtu.be

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