Secret Service warns of terrorism risks from 'involuntary celibates' who believe in 'male supremacy'

Secret Service warns of terrorism risks from 'involuntary celibates' who believe in 'male supremacy'
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Men who can't get women to have sex with them pose a terrorism risk, according to a new assessment from the U.S. Secret Service.

According to CNN and CBS the report focused on the growing threat from men who refer to themselves as "anti-feminists" or "involuntary celibates." The men claim that because women won't date them or have sex with them that they have a right to retaliate or attack women. They believe they are entitled to sex with women.

Such was the case in 2018 when a Florida man opened fire on a hot yoga class. Investigators discovered a long history of involvement in groups of men who can't have relationships with women.

The 26-page report from the Secret Service concludes by saying that while "there is no one profile of an individual who plans or executes an act of targeted violence," investigators must consider potential targets when seeking to thwart attacks, as suspects routinely "explore multiple targets during the planning process, before making their final selection."

They also outlined some red flags to predict mass shooting events like the one that happened in Florida. The goal was to walk through early intervention and decide at what point concerns should be addressed in these males. The National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) often publishes research based on such threats in the U.S.

"During his teen years, the attacker was accused of stalking his classmates, and he wrote stories that centered around violent themes," said lead NTAC researcher Steve Driscoll. "One of those stories was 81 pages long and involved the protagonist murdering several girls before committing suicide. The female characters in the story that were killed, represented the attacker's actual classmates from his high school, but he slightly changed the names in his writing."

In fact, Beierle faced a lack of consequences for his behavior leading up to the mass shooting. He had been charged several times with battery, but charges were dropped. The Secret Service noted that predictors from others like him could be "failed aspirations, lack of financial stability, bizarre behavior, harassment and homicidal ideations," said CNN.

Abuse like Beierle's isn't isolated to just incel violence, two-thirds of mass shootings are linked to domestic violence, said a study published inInjury Epidemiology.

A 2020 analysis of 749 mass shootings over the past six years discovered that about 60 percent were committed by men with a history of domestic violence, Bloomberg News reported at the time.

As the case study explained, "This attacker's history highlights the specific threat posed by misogynistic extremism. This gender-based ideology, sometimes referred to as 'male supremacy' has received increased attention in recent years from researchers, government agencies and advocacy groups due to its association with high-profile incidents of mass violence."

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