Right-wing people's convoy caught on video assaulting motorcyclist

Right-wing people's convoy caught on video assaulting motorcyclist
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Two individuals claim they were recently attacked by members of The People's Convoy in Washington, D.C. In wake of the highly publicized attack, The Daily Beast has obtained footage from an incident that reportedly took place on March 16.

The motorcyclist, only identified as Logan, told WTOP "that he was on his motorcycle when he hit the traffic that ensued as police shut down the road’s offramps in preparation for the convoy’s drive through D.C."

Logan, a Marine reservist who also works as a real estate property manager, also shared more brief details about what transpired in the moments leading up to the assault. “Out of frustration and anger, I joined in with the majority of the rest of the other folks in traffic in flipping off the truckers as I passed by,” Logan said.

After the heated exchange, one of the convoy members attempted to open the car door and hit him. The action was one that Logan took seriously. “I pulled between his truck and the truck in front of him, in the trucker convoy, and I continued to flip them off,” he said.

With traffic at a halt, Logan said he turned off his motorcycle. That's when the truckers in front and behind him got out of their vehicles and a verbal altercation ensued. “We yell, that’s it. I continued to just ignore them at this point, and flip them both off. We still couldn’t go anywhere,” he said.

During the exchange, other members of the convoy flocked to the area. “At that point, I was encircled. I was still on my motorcycle sitting on it with it off,” Logan said.

Then one member attempted to take the key to his motorcycle. “He grabs my key out of my ignition, and I basically, as soon as he did that, I grabbed for him because I wanted my property back, and since my arm was outreached, they grabbed me and pulled me off the motorcycle, dropping the motorcycle,” he said.

The incident quickly escalated with Logan being pinned to the pavement. “They pinned me to the ground, and every time I tried to get back up, they would pin me back and slam me, so my head got slammed into the ground several times,” he said.

Logan added, “I told them this is assault; you’re assaulting a veteran and one of them replied, ‘I’m a veteran too, and I don’t give a f***,’” Logan said.

Now, footage of the disturbing incident is circulating online. Speaking to The Daily Beast, Logan confirmed that he is the man in the footage.

“It is one hundred percent me,” Logan told The Beast on Friday. “There were cracks inside the helmet... I possibly had a concussion.”

Mike Landis, one of the group's co-organizer was recently asked about the incidents involving the residents who claim they were attacked by convoy members. In a text message response, he wrote, “No one was attacked."

He added, ”...These people are looking for anything they can to discredit what we are doing. They either don't understand what this is about or dont like freedom.”


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