'Cheap political points': Joe Scarborough torches GOP lawmakers for making demands of Biden that could 'trigger World War 3'

'Cheap political points': Joe Scarborough torches GOP lawmakers for making demands of Biden that could 'trigger World War 3'
Image via Screengrab (Joe Scarborough // MSNBC)

MSNBC News host Joe Scarborough is calling out Republican leaders and lawmakers who are criticizing President Joe Biden in an effort to score “cheap political points” while risking the possibility of starting a nuclear war.

As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, Republican lawmakers opposing Biden's stance are calling for the type of action that would subsequently lead the United States into an unnecessary world war. The other consequence, according to Mediaite, is that these actions could cause a divide among the nations that have otherwise held a united front against Russia.

During a segment of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, that aired earlier this week, Scarborough sounded off as he lambasted Republican senators for calling on the president to take action that could “trigger World War 3." Describing the lawmakers as “jackasses,” Scarborough also urged them to stop “playing to the cheap seats” — at least until the possibility of war has diminished.

Scarborough said:

I’m not going to name any names, because actually, I don’t even dignify their remarks. But there are some Republicans, some Republican senators out there that are trying to turn this into a political hit job against Joe Biden and are pushing him to do things that would trigger World War 3. It’s so reckless, they’re pushing him not only to do things that could trigger World War 3, that they would never do if they were sitting in the White House. They’re also pushing him to do things that would get the United States so far ahead of our allies that there would be a split between the United States and NATO.

He added,

We built a historic coalition by Joe Biden’s patience. And oh my god. Oh, I know this is going to be shocking to you because it doesn’t fit into your stupid little populist playbook. Joe Biden’s experience? He’s been there. He’s done that. And even if you believe he’s gotten most things wrong throughout his career, you really have to be a second either pro-Putin apologist. Or if you’re not apologizing for Vladimir Putin, you’re just a right-wing Republican ideologue to be attacking him and saying he’s responsible for Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine. It’s as if you’ve somehow forgotten what Donald Trump did over the past four years when he was president, you somehow forgot what Barack Obama refused to do for eight years. You somehow forgot when George W. Bush forgot to do for eight years, there’s been like 22 years of blunders toward Vladimir Putin and Russia. Joe Biden’s cleaned it up. He’s done it pretty well, and he’s done it when all of our lives are on the line, when there’s a risk of nuclear war, and you have jackasses in the United States Senate trying to gain cheap political poi… Can you just, can you just wait until the specter of nuclear war and World War 3 are beyond us, and then go back and make your cheap political points?

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