Here is the one GOP primary election that could shake the ground in Alabama

Here is the one GOP primary election that could shake the ground in Alabama
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With the Alabama midterm elections right around the corner, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) is already stating her case against Democratic policies in hopes of maintaining the support of the state's Republican base. In fact, her new video posted via Twitter echoes that intent.

The pinned video, which has received more than 420,000 views, captured Ivey taking aim at President Joe Biden. With a hint of Southern sarcasm, Ivey could be heard saying, “Growing up, my mom and dad told us if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Well, here’s what I have to say about Joe Biden."

After tapping silently for several seconds, she finally said, “Poor Joe. Bless his heart.”

Although Ivey has been billed as somewhat of a “hardcore Southern grandma," it appears that persona still may not solidify her campaign. The conservative governor is actually up against several contenders looking to unseat her. In fact, HuffPost insists two of the main contenders are "trying to make the case that she isn’t conservative enough on certain issues — and one is trying to leverage their own connection to Trump for an endorsement in a race Trump doesn’t seem to care much about."

For example, Lindy Blanchard, who served as former President Donald Trump's ambassador to Slovenia, is using her ties to the former president in hopes of gaining the support of his base. However, her campaign hit a roadblock when Trump announced his support of Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.). Political pundits are now weighing in on the possible shakeup in Alabama.

Steve Flowers, a political commentator, has shared his take on Blanchard and why she has not received a Trump endorsement. “It’s not clear she’s resonating,” Flowers said of Blanchard. “I think Trump sees that and says, ‘I’m not endorsing someone who’s going to get 10% [of the vote] at best.’”

But despite the opposition Ivey is facing, Angi Horn, a Montgomery-based political consultant for the Republican Party, has defended Ivey's work.

“Has she been perfect? No. But she took a state that was coming apart at the seams and make it strong in terms of economic development and infrastructure,” said Horn. “And she really hasn’t done anything to embarrass us. In Alabama, having a governor who doesn’t embarrass us is a big deal.”

She went on to argue why she still believes Ivey is right for the job. “Out in the world, she’s viewed as approachable, tough and kind of nurturing — sort of like a hardcore Southern grandmother. She’s going to do what’s right, and you don’t want to cross her,” Horn said. “Inside the political circles, the statehouse, she’s seen as someone you don’t want to cross. You do not cross her.”

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