Woman at city council meeting declares herself a 'proud white supremist': That 'means you’re a patriot'

Woman at city council meeting declares herself a 'proud white supremist': That 'means you’re a patriot'

A woman attending the Hayden, Idaho city council meeting this week announced before her neighbors, friends, and the cameras that she is a "proud white supremist," declaring that "nowadays" that "means you're a patriot."

The woman, who says she's lived in Hayden for several years, repeatedly used the phrase "white supremist" instead of white supremacist. She also said she identifies as a minority, and "probably the only minority in the room."

She had asked to be allowed to address the city council to respond to the previous speaker who urged members to consider adopting a resolution stating Hayden values diversity, and condemns racism and "white supremacy and any groups that promote it."

Next month a white supremacist group is scheduled to hold a "gathering" with 200 participants from Texas, the previous speaker noted.

"The Aryan Freedom Network’s website, white-power.org., uses the words 'Keep Idaho White' and depicts a swastika inside a map of Idaho in promoting the event," the Cover d'Alene Press reports.

"As you can tell," she told the city council, "I am a minority and I've never once, not once, ever been discriminated in this town. And I don't appreciate the agenda" of the previous speaker.

"All inclusiveness and the respect and making white people feel like you're 'less than' because of the history of great, great, maybe sometimes great, great, great grandparents. And I don't appreciate that and I don't think that has any place in our beautiful bedroom community of Hayden, and I don't appreciate the whole thing."

She went on to denounce "BLM," Black Lives Matter, and "Antifa," and complained that residents who wanted to "support our businesses and protect them" were "called a white supremist."

"I'm sorry, but we're not," white supremacists, she said, "well I guess I'm not," then immediately declared, "yes I am because the new, the term nowadays 'white supremist' means you're a patriot."

She went on to admit, "I have a sign that I do carry sometimes and I say 'proud white supremist,' because a white supremist is a patriot."


Video posted to Twitter by Law.com editor ands reporter Meghann Cuniff. Original video on YouTube for those who want to see the full meeting.


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