'It’s a huge scam': Trump is using political donations to prop up Trump Tower

'It’s a huge scam': Trump is using political donations to prop up Trump Tower
Donald Trump at Trump Tower, photo via Shutterstock.

While my writing ordinarily focuses on McDonaldland characters locked in a stunning array of ill-considered Kama Sutra positions, my second-favorite topic is likely Donald Trump and his infinite scams.

The dude oozes dishonesty—and God knows what else. Which, of course, means he never stops grifting. It’s his default setting.

The latest? He’s using his donors’ money to “fill” one of the empty office spaces in his eponymous Manhattan tower. Because his cult followers’ naiveté is bottomless and his appetite for fraud is inexhaustible, Trump is hoovering up another $375,000 in political cash to feather his filthy nest. And that money is supposedly going to rent office space in the building, even though his political action committees are all located in Florida.


“It’s a huge scam,” said one former aide with direct knowledge of Trump’s political spending. “I can’t believe his base lets him get away with it.”
The ex-aide’s assertion was confirmed by a Trump Tower employee who screens traffic to offices above the floors that are open to visitors. When asked for permission to visit Trump’s political office recently, the employee told HuffPost that Save America and its related entities did not have offices there.

A huge scam? Trump? Next you’ll tell me the guy masturbating on our front lawn on Christmas Eve 1971 wasn’t really Santa Claus.

According to HuffPost, Trump’s Make America Great Again PAC spent $37,541.67 in each of 10 months during 2021 to rent space at Trump Tower. It was the same amount his campaign spent on rent from 2017 through 2020—a period during which his campaign was actually based in northern Virginia.

In all those months, there was at most one person who periodically visited the 7,000-square-foot office in Trump Tower, the former aide said. But Trump insisted on having the campaign continue renting there ― as it had during the 2016 election ― because the building was having trouble finding tenants, he said. “They knew they couldn’t lose that money because the building is hurting so bad.”

Hmm, Donald Trump grifting his witless followers. Where have I heard that before?

Years ago, Trump attempted to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. Every day I curse the gods who prevented that from happening. Why couldn’t he have focused his energies on destroying the National Football League instead of the entire country?

Oh, I know why. Because purchasing the Bills might have required him to release his tax returns. Apparently, the POTUS gig isn’t nearly important enough to require such trifles.

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