Conservative insider slams hypersensitive ‘right-wingers’ for their ‘pretty stupid’ hysteria over Biden’s Supreme Court plan

Conservative insider slams hypersensitive ‘right-wingers’ for their ‘pretty stupid’ hysteria over Biden’s Supreme Court plan

President Joe Biden promised that if he had a chance to nominate a U.S. Supreme Court justice, he would choose a Black woman — and with Justice Stephen Breyer having announced his retirement, Biden is making good on that promise. It remains to be seen who Biden will ultimately nominate, but all of the potential nominees are, in fact, African-American women.

Many far-right MAGA Republicans, in response, are freaking out. And Never Trump conservative Tim Miller slams them for their hysteria in one of his humorous yet biting Not My Party videos.

In the video, posted on the conservative website The Bulwark on February 3, Miller explains, “A bunch of right-wingers are getting their panties in a wad…. Here are the basics: Conservatives are dominating the libs with a 6-3 advantage on the Supreme Court…. Democrats were rightly nervous when one of the three liberal justices, 83-year-old Stephen Breyer, was lollygagging on his retirement, given that (Senate Minority Leader) Mitch (McConnell) might be back in power this time next year.”

The Never Trumper cites examples of “anti-woke all-stars” who have been hyperventilating over Biden’s plan to nominate a Black woman for the High Court — a group that ranges from Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi to talk radio host Ben Shapiro.

“On the merits, this right-wing backlash is pretty stupid,” Miller argues. “Reagan had a litmus test in the ’80s when he made Sandra Day O’Connor the first woman on the Supreme Court — and for good reason. It only took 200 years.”

Although the conservative pundit and former Republican criticizes the use of affirmation action in college admissions, he stresses that the Black female judges Biden is considering — including Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and Judge J. Michelle Childs — are hardly inexperienced.

“The Supreme Court is not like a college having racial quotas,” Miller says. “There are only nine justices. There’s always gonna be a political reason for choosing one. It’s not like there are judicial SAT scores to compare. Diversifying perspectives on the Court is good…. And it’s likely that Biden will pick someone with far more experience than Trump’s last choice, Amy Coney Barrett, so the whole ‘undeserving affirmative action hire’ argument will be moot, anyway.”

Watch the video below:

Not My Party: Affirmative Action Drama Hits The Supreme Court


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