Dan Crenshaw lashes out and gets heckled when a woman asks about his Jesus comment: ‘Don’t question my faith’

Dan Crenshaw lashes out and gets heckled when a woman asks about his Jesus comment: ‘Don’t question my faith’
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Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas is among the conservative House Republicans who is facing a congressional primary challenge for being — in the minds of many Trump supporters — insufficiently MAGA and not right-wing enough. It remains to be seen whether or not Crenshaw will make it to the general election, and the GOP congressman became angry and defensive during a recent Montgomery County Tea Party event in his state.

At the event, a young woman brought up comments Crenshaw had made about Jesus on a podcast.

The woman, quoting Crenshaw, said, “‘The most important thing here is that we have important hero archetypes that we look up to. Jesus is a hero archetype, Superman is a hero archetype. Real characters too, I could name a thousand. Rosa Parks and Ronald Reagan.’ I can’t wrap my head around this.”

The congressman, becoming angry and defensive, snapped, “I’ll help you. Put a period after the word Jesus and don’t question my faith.”

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Crenshaw was heckled by the crowd. One person shouted “You moron!” and another shouted that he shouldn’t be “talking to a kid like that.”

“You guys can ask questions about all of these things,” Crenshaw told the crowd, “and I will answer them. But don’t question my faith…. Nowhere in that quote am I saying that Jesus is not real. That’s a ridiculous statement.”

One man in the crowd shouted, “Is he the son of God” — and Crenshaw, annoyed, responded, “Of course he’s the son of God. And of course he’s real.”

Then some audience members gave Crenshaw the ultimate MAGA insult, chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon.” In MAGA World, that’s code for “Fuck Joe Biden” — meaning that they were comparing Crenshaw to President Biden. And Crenshaw responded, “Let’s not. And I’m not going to have my faith questioned.”

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While Trump has shown that being combative under questioning can be appealing to Republican voters, it's far from clear if that phenomenon extends to lashing out at a young woman.

UPDATE: This story initially referred to the woman in the video as a "girl" and noted that, in the video, she is referred to as being "10 years old." She had since said publicly that she is 18 years old, and this story has been updated to reflect that.

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