Bill Maher explains why he is so worried about 2024

Bill Maher explains why he is so worried about 2024
Bill Maher in 2005, Wikimedia Commons
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Ten months into Joe Biden's presidency, former President Donald Trump continues to make the false, totally debunked claim that he was the real winner of the 2020 election — and the vast majority of Republicans are still afraid to call him out for that lie. Bill Maher, host of "Real Time" on HBO, believes that Trump has a very good chance of receiving the GOP's 2024 presidential nomination. And during a recent CNN appearance, Maher warned that the United States could be in a very dangerous place in the next presidential election.

Although Maher's politics lean liberal, he is a vehement critic of political correctness and "wokeness" on the left — which, as he sees it, doesn't help the Democratic Party at a time when the Trumpified GOP has become increasingly authoritarian. And during a conversation with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Maher laid out some reasons why he is so worried about the 2024 election.

"The time that I'm worried about, and I keep talking about, is Election Day 2024 until January 20, 2025, Inauguration Day," Maher told Cuomo with a somber tone. "Because, again, if Trump loses, he will not say he lost. That will never happen. He will never concede, as I said last time. But this time, it's not going to be like last time."

Maher continued, "I mean, he almost pulled it off last time. And this time, he's had four years to get those people in place. So, what happens on January 20, 2025 when he shows up for the inauguration and Joe Biden, or whoever the Democrat is, shows up for that inauguration? What happens then? That's when I want to be, you know, on vacation in London."

The "Real Time" host also weighed in on the 2022 midterms, predicting that Democrats will get "thumped."

"That usually happens in midterm elections," Maher told Cuomo. "I mean, Joe — look, I'm glad he's there. But he has not exactly stuck the landing on a lot of the issues that he was dealing with."

Maher argued that because of Trumpism and the MAGA movement, the United States is facing political tensions much worse than the liberal/conservative conflicts of the past.

"We did that forever — Republicans and Democrats were cats and dogs, and they fought. But also, (House Speaker) Tip O'Neill and (President Ronald) Reagan could have a drink after work. They could work together. I don't know how we're ever going to work together. We have, how many QAnon members of Congress now? QAnon. Marjorie Taylor Greene. How do you negotiate with people who think that Democrats eat babies?"

Watch the video below:

Bill Maher makes prediction about Trump's 2024

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