A QAnoner wielding a tomahawk is now crashing school board meetings

A QAnoner wielding a tomahawk is now crashing school board meetings
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Parents in Ankeny, Iowa, were not pleased with the school board's decision to reinforce its mask mandate to mitigate COVID-19. In fact, many outraged parents responded with lambasting remarks toward school board members as they hurled a litany of threats.

"We know where you live!" one parent yelled at the school board members. "We're going to stalk you!"

Although parents have made their disapproval quite clear, The Daily Beast notes that "the Ankeny school board has become a larger flashpoint in the fight over mask mandates in schools, thanks in large part to a leather-clad, tomahawk-toting QAnon personality named Scott McKay."

McKay, described by his followers as a "Patriot Streetfighter," has reportedly used his social media platform to promote violent rhetoric that has turned the school board mask debate "into a national event among followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, urging his followers to bombard specific school board members with complaints."

In a recent video shared online, McKay delivered a graphic message to Ankeny school board members.

Per The Beast:

"McKay, who uses 'fork' as a euphemism for 'fuck' in what's become a sort of catchphrase for his fans, urged his audience in menacing terms to 'carpet bomb these boneheads with emails' and 'beat the shit out of them.'"

"You forkin’ scumbags will not walk away from this clean,” McKay said in his video as he spoke to the school board members. “Believe me. Because when this army, the Patriot Streetfighter nation comes at you, you’re forked. So I would say, run the white flag up the pole now because if you haven’t realized at this point with these ladies that they’re coming, all you shitheads, there will be nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to run. You’re all hypocrites, you’re forkin’ scumbag losers."

McKay has also suggested that the idea of possibly using physical force against law enforcement officers who attempt to enforce mitigation measures for COVID-19.

"Sooner or later, we the people show up with arms, outnumbering you 50-to-1," McKay said. "Then at that point, you're going to have a decision to make. Do you want to go home, or do you not want to go home to your family?"

In addition his videos, McKay also has a history of hosting rallies that also promote the same violent rhetoric. He has also made it clear he has no intent on stopping anytime soon.

"I can tell you, in the long game, this doesn't stop for me until these people that are doing what they're doing to kids are dead," McKay said. "I'm going to keep raining down this thunder, I'm going to do it every forking day."

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