Meet the MAGA Republicans who fear that another civil war may be unavoidable: ‘I worry about such a conflict’

Meet the MAGA Republicans who fear that another civil war may be unavoidable: ‘I worry about such a conflict’

When arch-conservative Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming criticizes President Joe Biden's economic policies, it is obvious that she still considers him the loyal opposition — and the feeling is mutual. But there is a school of right-wing thought that doesn't regard Biden or any other Democrat as the loyal opposition. In an article published by The Atlantic on October 1, journalist Emma Green takes a look at far-right MAGA Republicans who fear that the irreconcilable differences of Red America and Blue America may lead to an all-out civil war.

Members of the Claremont Institute, a far-right think tank, have been saying that Republicans and Democrats aren't just members of competing political parties, but are, in effect, living in two separate countries. Describing Claremont as the "intellectual home of America's Trumpist right," Green notes that Claremont President Ryan Williams and his colleagues "believe that America has" become "two fundamentally different countries, not least because of the rise of secularism."

During an interview with Green, Williams claimed, "The Founders were pretty unanimous, with (George) Washington leading the way, that the Constitution is really only fit for a Christian people."

Williams, during the interview, didn't say that another civil war is something he looks forward to. But he fears that the United States' political divisions will lead to major violence. The Claremont president told Green, "I worry about such a conflict. The Civil War was terrible. It should be the thing we try to avoid almost at all costs."

On March 24, Claremont's website, the American Mind, published a controversial essay by senior follow Glenn Ellmers, — who wrote, "Most people living in the United States today — certainly more than half — are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the term." Ellmers' article was headlined "'Conservatism' Is No Longer Enough" and explained why Claremont rejects traditional conservatism.

Green asked Williams, "What does it mean to declare that more than half of the people residing in the country are not truly American?" — to which he replied, "Glenn was, of course, being provocative and polemical. But if Claremont thinks real Americanism is a belief in the principles of the American founding, we have to acknowledge that a good portion of our fellow citizens don't agree with our principles and conclusions about what politics is for. If we differ on those fundamental things, we're really two Americas."

Williams added, "Even during the Civil War — I think we're more divided now than we were then. As (President Abraham) Lincoln said, we all prayed to the same God. We all believed in the same Constitution. We just differed over the question of slavery."

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