Boris Johnson says working with Biden is 'a breath of fresh air’

Boris Johnson says working with Biden is 'a breath of fresh air’
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British prime minister Boris Johnson recently offered his take on what it's like to work with President Joe Biden and his administration compared to his previous interactions with the Trump administration.

On Tuesday, September 21, Johnson appeared on "The TODAY Show." Speaking to host Savannah Guthrie, Johnson described working together with Biden as "a breath of fresh air." When asked about his relationship with former President Donald Trump, he only insisted that American presidents and British prime ministers are "fated to get along."

"But what I will say about Joe Biden and dealing with the new American president, yes, it is a breath of fresh air in the sense of the some things on which we can really really work together, and you knew I was gonna bring it up — climate change — he's great on that," Johnson said. "And he wants to cut CO². He wants to get to net-zero by 2050, and he shares with me, a basic view that you can do this without penalizing the economy."

Throughout his presidency, Trump repeatedly mocked climate change describing it as a "hoax." The former president also made it his mission to roll back many environmental regulations put in place to combat climate change.

Johnson has also spoken out to condemn the riots that erupted at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. However, it remains unclear how that may have impacted his relationship with Trump. He did note that he is pleased democracy prevailed.

"I think America stands for an ideal, and that ideal is that people should be able to choose their governments peacefully," he said. "One person, one vote, by election. I just felt that some of the scenes at the Capitol didn't wholly correspond with that ideal."

The prime minister also refused to say whether or not he believed Trump should have been blamed for inciting the deadly riots. "I have no knowledge of what happened, but what I think is that, let me put it this way, my admiration for American democracy is undimmed by the whole thing," he said.

Johnson also weighed in on the U.S. military's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Although the decision has faced bipartisan criticism, Johnson noted that the 20-year war needed to come to an end.

"The U.K. owes a big debt to the U.S. military for the incredible professionalism and sacrifice that they showed at that airport, at the International Airport," Johnson said. "It was an amazing operation."

"It's never going to be an easy thing to do to pull out of somewhere like Afghanistan after 20 years in a clean and straightforward way. But you can't you can't spend your whole time trying to run another country by proxy. I think that it was a massive logistical success what they did."


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