Here's why Tucker Carlson is 'the new Alex Jones' — and Fox News is sounding more and more like Infowars: CNN

Here's why Tucker Carlson is 'the new Alex Jones' — and Fox News is sounding more and more like Infowars: CNN
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When Bill O'Reilly was with Fox News, the far-right pundit angrily dismissed Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as a kook. Jones' cardinal sin, in the minds of O'Reilly and other pundits at Fox News and Fox Business, was the fact that he was so critical of former President George W. Bush and his neocon allies. But times have changed. And CNN's Brian Stelter, during a Fourth of July 2021 broadcast of his "Reliable Sources" program, stressed that Jones gets a lot more respect from Fox News than he did in the past.

The Fox News of the past was all-in for Bush, but that was before the Trumpification of the right-wing cable news outlet — and while Jones detests Bush, he has been a strident supporter of former President Donald Trump. So is Fox News star Tucker Carlson, who has defended Jones on his show.

Stelter told viewers, "Carlson is a conspiracy monger, but he's far from the first. As my colleague Oliver Darcy pointed out this week, Carlson is sounding more and more like Infowars host and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. You can hear the similarities."

Stelter demonstrated those similarities by showing clips of the far-right pundits promoting the same conspiracy theories. And when he brought on CNN's Darcy, Stelter asked, "Is it a stretch to say that Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones?" — to which Darcy replied, "It's not a stretch, Brian."

Darcy told Stelter, "Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones. If you watch Tucker Carlson's program and you watch Alex Jones' program, they might differ a little bit in antics and the way they deliver they message. But that message, to viewers, is consistent to viewers. And it's pretty identical whether it's talking about vaccine conspiracy theories, false flag conspiracy theories, Deep State conspiracy theories. The messages that Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones are sending are the same; they seem to see eye to eye on the biggest issues that they talk about every single night."

According to Darcy, Carlson is "basically saying that he doesn't think that Alex Jones' views are out there, that they're crazy."

Darcy added, "I remember when the Republican Party and Fox News mocked Alex Jones and said, 'That guy is crazy. We're not going to touch that sort of stuff.' But now, Fox's face is, effectively, Alex Jones. The de facto leader of the Republican Party is touting the same stuff that Jones touts on his show."

Watch the video below:

Stelter: Fox News host is sounding a lot like Alex

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