Rudy Giuliani's incompetence and dishonesty exposed by suspension order -- here are 5 damning examples

Rudy Giuliani's incompetence and dishonesty exposed by suspension order -- here are 5 damning examples
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Rudy Giuliani/Shutterstock
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Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on Thursday faced fresh humiliation when the Attorney Grievance Committee for New York State Supreme Court's First Judicial Department suspended his law license.

Specifically, the committee decided to put the former New York mayor's law license on ice after concluding that he "communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump."

The order suspending Giuliani's law license is filled to the brim with examples of the rank incompetence and dishonesty that he employed in his failed quest to keep Trump in the White House -- below are five of the most egregious examples.

1.) Rudy Giuliani tells a court that he's claiming voter fraud cost Trump the election -- then admits later he is not claiming voter fraud.

Giuliani responded in the affirmative when asked by a judge last year if he was alleging fraud, but then later backtracked when pressed by the court.

"So the amended complaint -- does the amended complaint plead fraud with particularity?" the judge asked.

"No, Your Honor, and it doesn't plead fraud," he said. "It pleads the -- it pleads the plan or scheme that we lay out... without characterizing it."

The committee notes that Giuliani's initial fraud claim "was made despite an amended complaint in which his very own client withdrew any fraud related claim."

2.) Giuliani defends lies about absentee ballots by saying he sincerely believed them at the time.

The committee shows that Giuliani made multiple false claims about Pennsylvania recording more votes via absentee ballot than the total number of absentee ballots sent out before the election.

Giuliani claimed that his multiple false claims about absentee ballots were an honest mistake -- but the committee didn't buy this explanation.

"[Giuliani] does not deny that his factual statement, that only 1.8 million mail-in ballots were requested, was untrue," the committee writes. "His defense is that he did not make this misstatement knowingly. Respondent claims that he relied on some unidentified member of his 'team' who 'inadvertently' took the information from the Pennsylvania website, which had the information mistakenly listed. There is simply no proof to support this explanation."

3.) Giuliani caught blatantly lying about a dead boxer voting in Philadelphia.

The committee showed that Giuliani falsely claimed to have proof that dead people in Philadelphia were voting in droves for Joe Biden, including most notably the late boxer Joe Frazier, who died in 2011.

A simple check of voter registration information, however, showed this claim to be utter nonsense.

"The public records submitted on this motion unequivocally show that respondent's statement is false," the committee states. "Public records show that 15 Pennsylvania formally cancelled Mr. Frazier's eligibility to vote on February 8, 2012, three months after he died."

4.) Giuliani claimed Biden received over 60,000 votes from underage Americans in Georgia -- the actual number was zero.

In a particularly damning example of Giuliani's reckless disregard for the truth, the commission showed how he concocted a statistic about underage voters out of nothing.

"At various times, respondent claimed that 65,000 or 66,000 or 165,00 underage voters illegally voted in the Georgia 2020 election," the committee explains. "The Georgia Office of the Secretary of State undertook an investigation of this claim. It compared the list of all of the people who voted in Georgia to their full birthdays. The audit revealed that there were zero (0) underage voters in the 2020 election."

Giuliani's defense of spreading this falsehood was that he was merely relying on the "expert" testimony of a man named Bryan Geels, whom the committee said was not an expert in anything.

"Other than respondent calling him an "expert," we do not know Mr. Geels' actual area of expertise or what qualifies him as such," writes the committee. "Merely providing names and conclusory assertions that respondent had a basis for what he said, does not raise any disputed issue about whether misconduct has occurred."

5.) Giuliani persisted in claiming that "a few hundred thousand" undocumented immigrants voted for Biden in Arizona even after being told that there was no data to support that conclusion.

Giuliani claimed on numerous occasions that anywhere from 10,000 to 250,000 undocumented immigrants voted illegally for Biden, and the committee said Giuliani's numerical claims are "so wildly divergent and irreconcilable, that they all cannot be true at the same time."

Furthermore, it showed that Giuliani didn't back down even when presented with contradictory evidence.

"At the November 30, 2020 hearing, when it was brought to respondent's attention that no study to support the conclusions had been done, respondent persisted in making these false factual statements," the committee writes. "In January 2021, respondent even admitted that he did not have the 'best sources' to justify the numbers he was stating as fact. Nonetheless, respondent has failed to produce any sources, whether 'best' or marginal, to support any of the figures he has presented to the public with authority."

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