GOP Congresswoman Greene publicly blasted Big Tech while quietly selling her own stock in their companies

GOP Congresswoman Greene publicly blasted Big Tech while quietly selling her own stock in their companies
David Badash
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has publicly lambasted big tech companies for allegedly attempting to censure the free speech of Trump-supporting Republicans. But behind closed doors, she was quietly selling off stock, according to a new report.

Shortly after Greene was elected to Congress, she found herself at the center of controversy for pushing dangerous rhetoric and conspiracy theories. But, according to The Daily Beast, in private she and her husband, Perry Greene, "quietly moved to offload significant stock holdings in the very same companies she so vehemently denounced—netting a healthy sum in the process."

The couple's financial disclosure form, which was released two weeks ago, indicates that they sold off thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shares in some of the companies she publicly loathes, namely Facebook.

In addition to the stock she and her husband had in the massive social media platform, the couple also had stock in Google, Apple, and Amazon.

According to the Daily Beast, the couple is only said to have one other financial disclosure form, which was filed in May of last year. Based on that disclosure form, the couple profited from the sale of their stock in January of this year. However, the exact figures of their investments remain unknown.

Greene's only other public financial disclosure form, filed in May 2020 when she was a candidate, lists joint or spousal ownership of up to $65,000 in Apple stock, $30,000 in Facebook stock, $30,000 in Amazon stock, and $15,000 in Google stock. The couple sold these holdings in January at a profit—the official form lists capital gains above $200—but the precise figure is unknown.

Greene reportedly still owns stock in a number of other Fortune 500 companies like "Goldman Sachs and Lockheed Martin to the sports gambling platform DraftKings and activewear brand Lululemon," the publication reports.

The latest report comes months after Greene waged war on Facebook over its refusal to allow the circulation of the New York Post' report on Hunter Biden. At the time, Greene criticized big tech company saying, "When I get to Congress, Big Tech will be held accountable!"

And although she held investments in Facebook, Greene had previously encouraged her followers to move to Parler to avoid censorship. "For those of yall tired of being censored by Facebook," she wrote, "I encourage you to open a Parler account today!"


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