A 'violent toddler': White House officials offer grim accounts of their final days with Trump

A 'violent toddler': White House officials offer grim accounts of their final days with Trump
Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Prescott Valley Event Center in Prescott Valley, Arizona, October 2016. Gage Skidmore.

With just eight days left in office, , White House officials are are speaking out and sharing details of the president's turbulent last days.

From the accelerated spread of the coronavirus pandemic to the uptick in domestic terroristic threats, there are a number of key issues plaguing the country that the Trump administration could prioritize. However, due to President Donald Trump's unpredictable behavior, his top officials are reportedly forced to focus their efforts on one goal, in particular: "distract Trump from the parts of the job that they believe could cause more pain to the country if the president pays too much attention to them," reports The Daily Beast.

One of Trump's senior advisors weighed in with details about the administration's plan as Trump's term comes to an end.

With just one week left, White House officials including Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien have reportedly held discussions about the course of action they will be taking to keep government operations afloat as they also work to monitor "potential risks that face the country following the violence last week when a Trumpist mob stormed the Capitol."

The ultimate goal is to accomplish as much as possible "with as little communication with the Oval Office as possible," according to officials.

"The idea is to run the ship as it's always been run," one senior official said. "Everyone seems to be keeping their heads down and staying in their zone. There's been no talk of the 25th Amendment or removing [Trump] from office. It's just, 'Let's get through this.'"

Meanwhile, the president has been described as a "violent toddler" who requires babysitting around the clock.

One senior Trump administration official described the activity around the outgoing president as a prolonged act of "babysitting" a "violent toddler" that aides and chief advisers hope to get through in the next week without Trump triggering any more history-making disasters.

The publication also repotrted "aides have also printed out and rushed to show him the latest articles they have found on Big Tech companies "censoring" him and other extremely online conservatives in recent days."

Inside sources have revealed the purpose of doing so is to "try to focus his energy on his pet cause of railing against the supposed anti-conservative bias at social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook, in the hopes that such distractions keep him from causing further, irreversible, or even violent mayhem."

Since Trump has made it clear he has absolutely no plan on resigning from office, White House officials are stuck dealing with his antics down to the bitter end.


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