Georgia lawyer hit with string of criminal charges after bragging about being first to kick in Pelosi's office door

Georgia lawyer hit with string of criminal charges after bragging about being first to kick in Pelosi's office door
Supporters of President Donald Trump outside the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, Tyler Merbler f

A Georgia lawyer is now facing serious charges for his alleged involvement in the siege on the U.S. Capitol. According to Law & Crime, William McCall Calhoun Jr., an attorney from Americus, GA., has been hit with a string of criminal charges.

The charging document detailing Calhoun's arrest accuse him of four different federal offenses:

  1. Knowingly enter or remain in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, or did knowingly, and with intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions, engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct;
  2. Willfully and knowingly engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct, at any place in the Grounds or in any of the Capitol Buildings with the intent to impede, disrupt, or disturb the orderly conduct of a session of Congress or either House of Congress, or the orderly conduct in that building of any deliberations of either House of Congress; and
  3. Corruptly did obstruct, influence, or impede any a proceeding before the Congress.
It has been reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed Calhoun was one of the first Trump supporters to kick in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif) office door and bragged about his efforts on social media. A number of Facebook posts detailing Calhoun's actions have also been uncovered.

"[G]et this – the first of us who got upstairs kicked in Nancy Pelosi's office door and pushed down the hall towards her inner sanctum, the mob howling with rage," a Facebook post attributed to Calhoun reads. "Crazy Nancy probably would have been torn into little pieces, but she was nowhere to be seen – then a swat team showed, and we retreated back to the rotunda and continued our hostile take over [sic] of the Capitol Building."

The same post also appears to detail Calhoun's participation in the initial breach of the U.S. Capitol.

Patriots have taken the Capitol building. We overran multiple police barricades and swarmed the building. We busted through – thousands of us swarmed in. There was a last police barricade inside, and we had packed in right up to them.

Somebody yelled "push through", so we did and the shock of our momentum brushed them aside – some people were bleeding pretty badly by that point. After we had overrun that last police barricade, the momentum cashed a bad crush at one point, but carried the Vanguard through several smaller doors and down halls as we swarmed Congress yelling the names of various members.

Prior to the U.S. Capitol riot, a post shared to Parler was also attributed to Calhoun. In another Facebook post, Calhoun predicted that Trump supporters' efforts would be successful.

"The military isn't going to save the Democrat Communists," a Facebook post reads. "They are done. Today, we brought our Government to its knees with no weapons. Now we're all going back armed for war and the Deep State is about to get run out of DC."

However, that goal did not pan out in Trump supporters' favor. As of Wednesday, Jan. 20, the FBI has arrested more than 100 alleged participants in the Capitol riots.


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