Reporter details why Rudy Giuliani may have just perjured himself

Reporter details why Rudy Giuliani may have just perjured himself
Rudy Giuliani
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Rudy Giuliani was once of the face of New York City after 9/11; now, he's the face of President Donald Trump's campaign following the 2020 election. The Trump attorney and former New York City mayor has been going to great lengths to convince the courts that Trump was the victim of widespread voter fraud — although he hasn't been able to prove his allegations — and according to Mother Jones' David Corn, Giuliani "arguably provided false testimony several times" when he testified via Zoom at a Missouri legislative hearing on December 14.

Giuliani wasn't challenging the election results in Missouri, a state that Trump won. Rather, Corn writes, he was the "star witness" for Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives who were making a "show of fealty to the defeated Trump" by "pushing a non-binding resolution declaring that they have 'no faith' in election results in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada."

Corn offers some examples of possible "false testimony" from Giuliani.

Describing the Missouri hearing, Corn recalls, "Asked if any of the cases filed on behalf of Trump were decided on the merits, Giuliani stated, 'There's been no case that's been decided on the merits at all.' But days earlier, in Wisconsin, a Trump-appointed federal judge named Brett Ludwig tossed out a suit filed by Trump that asked for the state's results to be thrown out. Ludwig ruled that Trump had standing to file the case but that his legal arguments 'fail on their merits.'"

Other cases decided on the merits in Wisconsin, Nevada and Michigan, Corn argues, contradict what Giuliani said during the Missouri hearing.

Corn notes that Giuliani also promoted debunked claims about Georgia.

"Through his testimony, Giuliani referred to an Election Night video recording of vote-counting employees in Fulton County, Georgia as proof of fraud," Corn explains. "He maintained this footage 'shows demonstrably the theft of about 40,000 ballots in front of your eyes.' It does not."

Corn continues, Georgia officials have found no wrongdoing related to this video…. Yet there was Giuliani, who had vowed by signing the witness form to present information that was 'true and correct,' pushing a discredited and false story."

Although Corn believes that a perjury charge for Giuliani is "unlikely," the Mother Jones reporter believes that Giuliani's testimony during the Missouri hearing reflects badly on his credibility.

"It is unlikely that Trump's consigliere will wind up in the hoosegow because of his Missouri testimony," Corn acknowledges. "But if legislators there take seriously the oath on the witness form, they certainly have enough material to kick off an investigation of the president's mouthpiece."

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