Trump's campaign advisors believe Rudy Giuliani's involvement won't get them anywhere: report

Trump's campaign advisors believe Rudy Giuliani's involvement won't get them anywhere: report
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Rudy Giuliani acts out scene from 'My Cousin Vinny' at wild press conference to claim Biden stole election

President Donald Trump currently has his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani overseeing his post-election legal battle but the Trump campaign would actually like to distance as far away from the potentially damaging attorney's rhetoric and arguments, according to a new report.

The Daily Beast has revealed many of Trump's campaign advisors are not pleased with the job Giuliani is doing as he oversees the post-election legal proceedings. In fact, many have no faith that Giuliani's efforts will be effective in overturning the outcome of the presidential election.

From the wild and baseless conspiracy theories and unfounded claims of voter fraud to Giuliani's hair dye drip incident, the former New York City Mayor's a being at the center of the legal battle has been described as a "sh**show" and a "dead end," according to one adviser.

"The obvious thing is, this is a sh**show," the adviser said. "When the Rudy show started, that was a sidelining of everyone else. At that point, it became an issue of going through the motions and the recognition of, 'OK, this is definitely over because we don't have a chance with... these conspiracy theories.'"

One senior Trump administration official, who opted to remain anonymous, have also noted the "weirdest f**king things" they have witnessed, thus far —one of which occurred on Friday evening. Although most people have described Giuliani's press conference on Thursday as a completely disastrous representation of the campaign, apparently Trump thought otherwise.

As of Friday night, two sources close to the president said he remained intensely invested and personally supportive of Giuliani's legal challenges. It was presumed among campaign staff that he was thrilled with his team's now-infamous press conference on Thursday, in which Giuliani, and two other allied lawyers—Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis—presented a smorgasbord of wild conspiracy theories about election fraud, including a lengthy explanation of how anti-Trump Venezuelan villains supposedly worked to rob Trump of legal votes. And, for that reason, there was little appetite for anyone to say anything questioning the current approach—at least with their name attached to it.

"It appears that none of us are allowed to say [publicly] that that was one of the weirdest fucking things we've ever witnessed," the senior administration official said.

The latest news comes as more questions loom regarding Trump's post-election strategy. The president has baffled many experts with his decision to tap Giuliani for the uphill battle despite the number of experienced election law attorneys in the United States.

Although Giuliani believes his efforts are steps in the right direction, legal experts are not so sure, reports Yahoo! News. The reason for the president's decision to appoint Giuliani remains unclear but at this point, it does not appear Giuliani will be going anywhere anytime soon.


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