Critics laugh at GOP's boastful tweets about Trump's 'accomplishments'

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With less than two weeks until the upcoming presidential election, the Republican Party is going to great lengths to justify their support of President Donald Trump being elected for a second term. But their latest attempt to boast about Trump's "accomplishments" has fallen flat and Twitter users are taking advantage of the moment.

On Friday, the Republican Party took to Twitter with a series of boastful tweets detailing the president's accomplishments during his first-term. The first tweet read, "Pres. Trump is fighting for YOU! Here are some of his priorities for a 2nd term: *Establish Permanent Manned Presence on The Moon *Send the 1st Manned Mission to Mars *Build World's Greatest Infrastructure System *Establish National High-Speed Wireless Internet Network."

The party shared a total of three tweets but Twitter users quickly began weighing in with a comical array of responses. While some users insisted that the list of accomplishments only magnifies the broken promises Trump has failed to keep over the last four years as others were left reeling over Trump being lauded for "permanent manned presence on the moon" and sending the first "manned mission to Mars."

"With a global pandemic and a tanking American economy, why is the @GOP listing a mission to Mars as a top priority?" LGBTQ activist Eric Rosswood tweeted.

Even celebrities shared colorful responses as they criticized the Republican Party for the lackluster list of accomplishments. "Pineapple Express" star Seth Rogan tweeted, "Who in the fuck gives a flying fuck about putting motherfuckers on The Moon and Mars?"

Alyssa Milano accused Republicans of being "so completely and totally out of touch" with reality. Veteran news anchor Dan Rather sarcastically criticized the party for their focus on outer space as opposed to focusing on the problems here on Earth.

"This all makes a lot of sense when you realize COVID-19 isn't a problem outside of Earth. Oh, and "Waiting for Infrustructure Week" gets renewed. Yay,"

Others were flabbergasted by the fact that the series of tweets were not satirical.

As of Saturday, October 24, nearly 50 million Americans have already cast their vote for the upcoming election. At this rate, the Republican Party may already be aware that they are facing an uphill battle in their fight to get the president re-elected.

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