'Return to your service of Satan!': Unhinged anti-masker has a total meltdown at an Alaska Walmart

'Return to your service of Satan!': Unhinged anti-masker has a total meltdown at an Alaska Walmart

The coronavirus pandemic, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, had killed more than 183,600 people in the United States and over 851,500 people worldwide as of Tuesday morning, September 1. Yet for many Trumpian wingnuts and extremists, refusing to wear a protective face mask in public is a badge of honor. Chicago-based writer Ishena Robinson describes such a wingnut in an article for the African-American-oriented website The Root, noting how abusive he became when denied entry to a Walmart in Alaska.

Videos posted on Twitter show how furious the man, who wasn’t wearing a mask, became when Walmart employees told him he couldn’t enter. The man is seen yelling" “You don’t have the ability to even come up with your own fucking ideas. I will leave when I suit. You’ve not established authority to tell me to leave…. Return to your service of Satan!”

Robinson comments: “The degenerate can be seen screaming in the face of a woman who looks way more unflappable than I would in that situation. The worker he is focusing his nasty hot air on just coolly responds to him to have a good day, while two of her male co-workers stand to the side until another person behind the camera finally tells him to get out of their faces.”

In the video, someone is heard saying, “Quit spitting all over people” — showing that the man had no problem putting others at risk during the worst pandemic in over 100 years.

In her article, Robinson mentions, more than once, that the man ranting and raving in the video is white — and it’s a relevant point because strident anti-maskers in the U.S. have been mostly older white males. While there have been occasional incidents of African-Americans becoming angry when asked to wear a mask in a store, anti-maskers on the whole tend to be angry, older white males who are far-right politically, take Fox News seriously and are ardent supporters of President Donald Trump. Face masks have been much more plentiful at Black Lives Matter protests than at right-wing pro-Trump events.

“Since the president himself has exhibited a complete disregard for any sense of social distancing at his recently held campaign events at the White House and the wild rage of white men continues to run ragged across the country with impunity,” Robinson writes, “it feels like outrageous behavior like this will just continue happening…. Whatever the hourly wage is for being the stoic recipient of an unhinged, heavy breathing white man’s rage, I know for sure it isn’t enough.”

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