Presenting 'Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden' -- a group so fake it's hilarious

Presenting 'Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden' -- a group so fake it's hilarious
President Donald Trump speaks with Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner following the G20 Women’s Empowerment Event in Osaka, Japan. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Just some of the anonymous Democrat voters who are super-concerned that Democrat Biden is too Democrat, maybe?

If you have at some point stumbled across a political group on Facebook (of course) calling itself "Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden," you probably noticed a few things that made the group sound ... suspicious. First, it is not likely that a true group of Democratic voters would use an illiterate-sounding conservative slur to refer to themselves: "Democrat Voters" is a Luntzian term used by hardline partisan Republicans, who remain utterly convinced that using a noun where an adjective should be used is the Ultimate Lib Ownage for reasons that remain mysterious to this day.

Second: Also that. Third and fourth: That, but repeated. Honestly, if you're going to be so lazy in setting up your fake trolling operation that you can't even be bothered to run your proposed name through the ol' Partisan Despittler 3000, give back the damn check and go home already. Gawd, what an embarrassment.

The Daily Beast discovered the group, and investigated its (cough) oranges, and reports their findings: The group "Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden" is quite possibly one of the laziest attempted political trolls ever run. It is a project of Americans for Responsible Government, a conservative nonprofit. It parrots the exact talking points being promoted in other far-right internet puddles, concerns about Biden's "mental state" that appeared everywhere in Republicanism, all at once, after Donald Trump got mocked for shuffling down a gentle incline in a not-exactly-presidential fashion.

It "so far" has one (1) video testimonial from an allegedly disgruntled "Democrat Voter." It is by a "Tracy," who turns out to be a longtime Trump supporter whose son is, reports The Daily Beast, a field organizer for Trump's campaign.

Perhaps the best part, though, is the website. The Daily Beast notes that language on the "Democrat Voters" website "is copied nearly verbatim from the [Republican Voters Against Trump] website, with some minor stylistic changes and Biden's name switched out for Trump's."

Oh my God that is so on-brand it genuinely hurts. A conservative group was feeling stung by the not-fake "Republican Voters Against Trump" campaign. The response was, of course, to launch a fake group, featuring a fake testimonial from a fake Democratic voter, and cut-and-pasting the "Republican Voters Against Trump" language almost verbatim rather than rubbing even two brain cells together to write up their supposedly deep convictions themselves.

I mean, c'mon. It's almost parody, it's so on-brand. The liberal critique of modern conservatism is that it stands for Absolutely Nothing, and has no ideas or even general thoughts aside from being reflexively opposed to whatever any Democrat says, under any circumstances, without exception. The conservative response to this has repeatedly been to say nuh-uh while launching campaign after campaign premised on "whatever those Democrats are saying, but the exact opposite."

In some cases, by literally taking anti-conservative campaign materials, copying it into their own campaigns, reversing names and parties as needed and calling it done. And billing for it.

C'mon. And Republican donors are paying money, actual money, for these clown shows.

It is on that note that I announce the discovery of a new group, which is an entirely Republican group and filled with the most prominent conservative names you can never quite remember. It is called Stupid Republicans Who Are Stupid And Say Stupid Things And Lick Public Bathroom Faucet Handles For Trump. It's completely legitimate and has nothing to do with me, just a normal group of Republicans having normal Republican opinions, all on the up-and-up. Also, please pay me cash for creating a website on their behalf. SRWASASSTALPBFHFT will be a major force in the campaign this year, just you wait.

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