Ben Carson belittles George Floyd protests: 'I grew up at a time when there was real systemic racism'

Ben Carson belittles George Floyd protests: 'I grew up at a time when there was real systemic racism'
Image via Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson once again showed the public he is really drinking the president’s Kool-Aid on racism in America. The respected neurosurgeon turned laughable President Donald Trump apologist piled comparison on top of comparison Sunday on CNN in order to paint George Floyd’s death as an exception and not the rule on police brutality. Video shows a white cop kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes before he later died in Minneapolis police custody.

Following his death and the mass protests it triggered throughout the nation, CNN's Jake Tapper asked Carson, “do you think systemic racism is a problem in law enforcement agencies in the United States.”

“Let's say this. I grew up at a time when there was real systemic racism,” Carson responded.

“I remember as an eighth-grade student, I was the only Black student. I got the highest academic achievement, and the teacher got up and berated the other students,” he added. “They weren't trying hard enough because a Black kid was number one."

While some progress has been made particularly with how overt acts of racism are viewed in American society, it’s astounding Carson believes that’s because systemic racism has been dismantled. Even those overt acts of racism which are in large part frowned upon today haven’t been completely eliminated. It was just three days ago for example that a Texas school district was trending because a teacher liked a Twitter post describing Black people as “subhuman animals,” according to CBS DFW.​

Torii Hunter, a former Major League outfielder, told ESPN he's been called the n-word in Boston so many times he had a no-trade clause to the city. “I’ve been called the N-word in Boston 100 times, and I said something about it,” Hunter said. Each of his attempts to share his story was written off as, “‘oh, he’s just a militant, he’s lying, this didn’t happen,'” the former athlete said.

As a Black woman, I find it especially insulting when another Black person sings the same song of disbelief as the racists working to discredit her. Carson, however, seems to have no qualms at all about ending up on the same ideological side as racists, chief among them the current commander-in-chief.

Carson dodged a question about Trump retweeting an interview between conservative commentators Glenn Beck and Candace Owens. "The fact that he has been held up as a martyr sickens me," Owens said. "George Floyd was not a good person."

Tapper read the quote Trump retweeted and asked Carson, “does that help the nation heal.”

“What will help the nation heal is if we will engage in dialogue together,” Carson responded. “Let’s not make the solution be a Democrat solution or a Republican solution. Let’s make it be an American solution and recognize that our country is extraordinary.”

After Carson’s call for unity, Tapper tried again to get a straight answer from the former neurosurgeon and instead got his version of no comment. “I believe you’re going to be hearing from the president this week on this topic in some detail, and I would ask you maybe to reserve judgment until after that time,” he said.


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