Thom Hartmann's Chilling Warning Against Calling Nuclear Powers 'Adversaries'

In light of the election hacking investigation and Carly Fiorina's meeting with Donald Trump, progressive media host Thom Hartmann is preparing for World War III. 

"[We] spent a fair amount of time talking about China as probably our most important adversary and a rising adversary. We talked about hacking, whether it's Chinese hacking or purported Russian hacking," Fiorina told CNBC following their meeting on Monday. 

Hartmann was appalled by their blasé attitude toward nuclear-armed states with whom we have done business. 

"What concerns me is, number one, Carly Fiorina saying that Donald Trump thinks that China is our adversary, and number two, all these stories in the media basically characterizing Russia as our adversary," Hartmann said.

You don't have to look far to see evidence of these countries' influence in America. 

"You can't... walk into a store and buy anything that isn't made in China," Hartmann noted. "We have a massive economic relationship with China and Russia."

Likewise, Hartmann reminded viewers that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov got rid of Syria's chemical weapons together, collaborated on the Iran deal and continue to have a working relationship. The two met just one month after the election in Hamburg, opposite the annual Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe regarding a possible Aleppo agreement

Hartmann also noted that Republicans, including President-elect Trump, are currently mulling over negotiation of the Iran deal.

"We'll see where that goes, I frankly doubt they will," he said in response. 

Hartmann also gave a brief review of John Pilcher's new movie The Coming War on China, the filmmaker's 60th documentary.

"[In the film, Pilcher] talks about how there are 400 U.S. military bases circling China right now, which has China quite freaked out, which is, in his opinion, why they're building a military base in Spratly Islands, in the South China Sea."

Although this doesn't necessarily mean we're on the verge of war, it still raises concern.

"Whether they're, you know, just trying to extend their fishing rights, because they've got a growing population and a growing middle class that's demanding protein, i.e. fish, is in my opinion, up for debate," he noted.


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