The Right's Obama Derangement Syndrome Gave Us President Trump

Donald Trump will enter office as the least popular president in modern American history, but that hasn't stopped the likes of Kellyanne Conway from chastising Democrats for refusing to accept the election's results. How quickly the Trumpkins forget how the right-wing media demonized Barack Obama over the past eight years. What follows are the lowest of the lowlights.

"The Manchurian candidate couldn't destroy us faster," Glenn Beck sneered in March 2009. One month later, he claimed Obama was "marching us towards 1984."

Beck—along with a half dozen other conservatives—went on to liken Obama to Hitler and called the sitting president a "racist."

Fox News commentators couldn't seem to agree if President Obama was a socialist, a fascist or just a plain old "terrorist," but like the president-elect, they were convinced he was born outside the United States. "God does not have a birth certificate and neither does Obama," claimed Rush Limbaugh nearly six months after President Obama's inauguration. This abhorrent attempt to delegitimize Obama's presidency continues to this day.

Right-wing critics went so far as to call Obama "anti-American" or suggest that he wasn't a president for "all Americans," despite his winning over 50% of the popular vote in two elections.

"I think he is using racial anxiety for political gain," gurgled Tucker Carlson in April 2010. 

"I've got a president, who I believe, actively dislikes people like me," wailed Dennis Miller in December 2010. 

They scoffed when Obama invited Common to the White House and blanched when the president compared himself to Trayvon Martin in the wake of the Florida teenager's shooting.

When President Obama was up for re-election, he planned to win by “stoking a feeling of victimization in the African-American community," claimed Dick Morris in April 2012. 

Four years after his election, Fox News viewers still overwhelmingly believed Obama was a Muslim as evidenced by a town hall hosted by Megyn Kelly the same year. For his part, Bill O'Reilly accused the president of being "subservient to Muslim countries" and having an "'emotional attachment' to the Muslim world."

"He would be impeached if he weren't America's first black president," argued Ann Coulter in 2014.

Infowars' conspiracy mongerer Alex Jones took the demonization metaphor more literally. "I've been told this by high-up folks," he bellowed to his viewers. "They said, 'listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur. They smell like hell." 

A month later, Donald Trump would be elected president.


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