Colbert Shreds Birther-Obsessed Trump

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert reminded everyone Monday night that Donald Trump's admitting Obama was born in the U.S. is "what’s called a firm grasp of the obvious,” Colbert said, mocking Trump’s declaration. “Next I assume he’s going to announce that water is wet, that bears poop in the woods, and that Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.”

The shameless pandering ended with one sentence, not an apology to Americans or the president. Obama was “born in the United States, period,” Trump said. “No! Not period. Question mark. F**k you, exclamation point!” Colbert pressed.

Colbert went on to remind his audience that Trump is a “world-class liar," and Trump's attempt to shift the blame for the start of birtherism to the 2008 Clinton campaign is just another example, considering this was disproven by Politifact nearly a year ago. 

Trump even lies about when he supposedly “finished” the conspiracy. Trump claims he gave up birtherism in 2011, upon the release of President Obama's long-form birth certificate. But Trump actually continued birther claims well into the 2015 GOP debates. 

How could Trump think he could pull the wool over everyone's eyes, Colbert wondered. Because all this went on, Colbert pointed out, while “I was alive and on TV. But you know what, memory is a tricky thing. Maybe I remember it one way, and Donald Trump is a liar.”

Obama actually released a birth certificate in 2008, before Trump demanded a second, long-form version—which the GOP nominee, upon seeing, dubbed “Israeli science” and threatened an investigation over.

And Trump's obsession with Obama's documents didn't end there; he even insisted on seeing the president's college applications and passport, which he claimed he would reciprocate with a $5 million reward to Obama’s choice of charity. 

"First of all, that's a weird threat," Colbert admitted. And second of all, Colbert said as if speaking directly to Trump, "Now that you've admitted the president was born here, a lot of people are saying you owe Obama a $5 million donation. He's probably waiting on that check right now. You know, like most of your contractors."

Colbert couldn't help but top Trump with a tale from his "super PAC days" of late 2012.

"Back then, I had a super PAC full of secret campaign cash and I offered to donate $1 million to the charity of your choice if you, Donald Trump, would let me dip my balls in your mouth," Colbert recalled.



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