Samantha Bee Points Out an Uncomfortable Truth About 'Bernie or Busters'

Election '16

The Democratic National Convention was a love fest full of hope and promise from Hillary's greatest opponents of the past, including President Obama and Bernie Sanders, who agreed wholeheartedly that Donald Trump must be defeated.

"But the progressive heavy-petting session was occasionally interrupted by a handful of 'Bernie or Bust' die-hards, who, upset at the current democratic fact that the other candidate got over 3 million more votes than theirs, they responded by screaming 'abuse,' at anyone else not traitorous enough to be screaming abuse," Samantha Bee, host of "Full Frontal" recalled.

Unfortunately, that included John Lewis - yes, civil rights icon John Lewis.

"Tonight, we're going to nominate a woman," Lewis announced on MSNBC Thursday.

Meanwhile, in the background of the interview, "Bernie or Bust" members could be overheard screaming: "She stole it," "Never Hillary," "Bullshit." 

"Uh, guys, if you're going to protest your perceived disenfranchisement, maybe don't do it by heckling the guy who wrote the book on protesting actual disenfranchisement. John Lewis has spent 50 years fighting a civil rights battle that's not yet over," Bee pointed out.

And Lewis isn't nearly as bitter as some of the protesters outside the convention center last week.

"If John Lewis can overcome being beaten by cops for securing black southerners the right to vote, you can overcome the fact that a lot of them voted for Hillary!" Bee exclaimed. 

Bee sent correspondent Allana Harkin to Philly to find out just what the "Bernie or Bust" people wanted. 
"Do you think that Bernie still has a chance," Harkin asked one die-hard Berner.
"Absolutely," he answered, on the day of the roll call vote, just before Sanders took the mic to move that Clinton be selected - the exact opposite of a coup.
"What could Hillary do to win your vote," Harkin pressed another Sanders supporter.
"Nothing," the Sanders supporter answered. "Crawl in a hole."
Harkin then tried another approach:
"By not voting for Hillary, you're kind of voting for Trump," Harkin explained.
That made no impact. Every single Sanders supporter Harkin spoke to also thought Donald Trump was what America deserved for not nominating Bernie. 
"What about all the Muslims and Latinos who are going to be shipped out of the country... Do you feel extra comforted because you're white and you don't have to deal with that problem?" Harkin then asked one Berner, which seemed to hit a nerve. 
"To tell you the truth, I am in the bubble, yes," he answered.

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