Mark Cuban Is the Latest Out-of-Touch Billionaire to Want Immigrants to Take a 'Terrorist Test'

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters and Magnolia Pictures and the chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV has some interesting ideas about combating both terrorism and supremacist nationalism in the U.S. and the U.K.

“Look, immigration takes a lot of different forms,” he began. “There’s high end, for visas, for employees you can’t get, there’s people being concerned about their lives, concerned about their jobs.”

But regardless of who you are, Cuban urges legislators to use technology to evaluate immigrants better.

“I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s approach,” Cuban told Bloomberg, hoping to clear up the status of his "love-hate relationship" with his fellow billionaire. While politically an independent, Cuban has fantasized about being Clinton's VP—not that she would ever ask him.

"I’m a tech guy," Cuban continued. "I’ve invested in companies that create the ability to test and evaluate people before they come in a company called Converus. We’ve worked with Israel and Southern American companies that say, before you come into this country, we’re going to put you through this test and we’re going to ask you this series of questions and we can tell with a high degree of accuracy, 85% and it’ll learn to be better, whether or not you’re going to have a negative impact, whether or not you’re a terrrorist, whether or not you’re a radical Islamic terrorist, however you want to define people," he offered.

“One EyeDetect test administrator can screen up to 40 applicants per day. The exam is 85% accurate. And if used in combination with the polygraph, the confidence outcome may reach as high as 99 percent,” Converus' website states, emphasizing its key role in counterterrorism and allowing the U.S. to receive thousands more refugees.

"It’s no secret that terrorists have gained access to the U.S. and other countries posing as refugees. The assault in San Bernardino, California is one example. In Europe, terrorists have been smuggled in and camouflaged as refugees. In fact, the terrorists linked to the November 2015 Paris attack were arrested in a refugee camp in Austria. Government officials know there is a serious challenge to successfully screen refugees, visa applicants or tourists. Understaffed personnel in hundreds of locations have the daunting task of reviewing tens of thousands of applications," the Converus website reads.


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