Taxes Got You Stressed? Reward Yourself With 10 Free Things You Can Score on Tax Day


We all look forward to filing taxes, and paying our fair share to society, especially if that means we'll score a refund.

To celebrate and reward yourself for fulfilling your civic duty, why don't you go out and get one of these freebies on Monday. Tax Day this year is Monday, April 18, so you have a little extra time this weekend to crunch some numbers.

Here are our Top 10 picks of free stuff you can score on Tax Day.

1. Free cookie at Great American Cookies.


image: Creative Family/Shutterstock

​study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that if kids ate just 64 fewer calories per day, by 2020 the childhood obesity rate would fall to 10 percent lower than where it stood in the early mid-2000s.

Not too shabby for an intervention that’s as easy as cutting out a small cookie. But you're an adult, so go ahead and treat yourself to a free cookie from Great American Cookies on April 18. Just don't tell the kids.

2. Free smoothies at Bananas Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt.


image: etorres/Shutterstock

A banana smoothie energizes the human machine naturally. And if you're a numbers person, that means more energy to handle your brain functions.

Luckily for you math wizards, at Bananas Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt, certified public accountants can get a free 16-ounce frostie on April 17 and 18. To get the deal, present your CPA license at participating stores. Bananas, optional. If you're not a CPA, what better way to thank your accountant for sorting through your mess of 2015 receipts than to take him or her out for a healthy and tasty treat?

3. Free beer (Yes, you read that right) at World of Beer.


image: carballo/Shutterstock

Here's a no-brainer. But did you know that beer can provide the same health benefits as wine? (Apparently, there is a god.) So go out and celebrate Tax Day with a tall cold one at the brewery chain World of Beer, which is rewarding civic-minded consumers with a free frosty.

“Even if you ended up owing the government, you don’t owe us for one of our draughts,” according to the World of Beer website. Cheers!

4. Free massage at Planet Fitness.

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image: baranq/Shutterstock

Oh yes. We like this one. A lot. Not only does getting a massage feel amazing, it has serious health benefits.

A new study published in Science Translational Medicine found that even just a short, 10-minute massage session can reduce inflammation, which can help muscles recover after a hard workout. And wouldn't you know it, filing taxes kind of feels like a Crossfit session!

To handle your sore muscles (and emptied wallets), gym chain Planet Fitness is offering both members and non-members a free massage on its massage chairs, HydroMassage beds and loungers for the entire tax week (April 18 to 22). Visit on April 18 to get the coupon for a deal that will help ease the pain of paying Uncle Sam.

5. Free dessert at Tony Roma's.


image: Voyagerix/Shutterstock

Whether you're already finished with your taxes or you haven’t even made an attempt to start, you probably need free dessert.

You can satisfy that sweet tooth on Tax Day free of charge, thanks to Tony Roma’s. Just sign up for Tony Roma’s free email club. You'll receive a coupon for your free dessert to redeem on the 18th. Who knew deadlines could be so decadent?

6. Free sandwich at Schlotzky's.


image: Facebook

Empty your wallet and fill your belly on Tax Day with this satisfying deal from Schlotzky's.

Eating a big sammy doesn't have to be bad for your health. A sandwich high in fiber (especially whole grains) and packed with veggies will help control your appetite so you won't have to snack between meals. That will come in handy, especially if that meal includes a free beer and dessert. So on Monday, head over to Schlotzky’s and purchase a 32-ounce drink and bag of chips to score your free sandwich.

7. Sing for a free burger at Hard Rock Cafe.


image: Anton Watman/Shutterstock

I know we're kind of over reality TV karaoke competitions that have destroyed the music industry. (We are, aren't we?) But that doesn't mean you can't get behind the mic and do your thang, especially if it means singing for your supper.

If you’re willing to get up on stage at a participating Hard Rock Cafe on Monday and belt one out for your fellow diners, the chain will give you a free burger. So get your 15 seconds of fame and fill your belly. After filing your taxes, you deserve it. And don't worry, it won't be televised.

8. Free chips and queso at California Tortilla.


image: alexpro9500/Shutterstock

In a culinary culture preoccupied with notions of authenticity, does the cultural provenance of the cook matter as much as the cultural provenance of the recipe? Whether you want to foster cultural appropriation or not, here's a deal for you.

Just whisper the secret password "Tax Man" at California Tortilla on Tax Day and you'll get free chips and queso with any entree purchase.

9. Free paper shredding at Office Depot/Office Max.


image: ikeriderlondon/Shutterstock

Per ton, using recycled paper can reduce energy consumption by 65 percent, reduce water consumption by 58 percent and generate 60 pounds less air pollution. Here's your chance to contribute not only taxes, but cleaner air. You can shred old bills, financial papers and tax filings that you don't need anymore. (According to the IRS, you should keep tax records for three years from the date you filed your original return or two years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.)

Just print out this coupon and get five pounds of bulk bin shredding at an Office Depot or Office Max location. Just don't shred the coupon before you redeem it. The offer expires April 23. Think of all the shredding you can do by then!

10. Get into any of America's national parks for free.


image: Yulia Mayorova/Shutterstock

Because patriotism doesn't end with filing taxes, the U.S. National Park Service offers free days several times a year so you and your family can get out and enjoy nature in our national parks for free. Over 100 national parks participate.

This week is National Park Week. Not only do you get into the national park for free, there are often special events going on as well. If you or your family member is in the military, you can get a free annual national park pass. Fourth graders can also get a free pass. So get out and get some fresh air. Feel the relief of being a year away from the next Tax Day.

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