Bernie Leads Hillary in Wisconsin, Slams Wall Street and NAFTA

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Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders currently has a 4-point lead over Hillary Clinton among Wisconsin voters. Of likely Wisconsin Democratic primary voters, 49.2 percent chose Sanders, while 44.9 percent went with Clinton. Five and a half percent are still undecided.

A large part of Sanders' platform is a tuition-free college education proposal—something Clinton says is unrealistic, if not impossible. “His plan depends on governors like your governor putting in a lot of money,” Clinton told a Madison crowd this week, referencing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who was subsequently booed. 

But Sanders is adamant. "I think the people of Wisconsin will tell Scott Walker that this will be a disaster for the future of our state. Because when kids leave, sometimes they don’t come back. The idea is sound. It is paid for by a tax on Wall Street speculation. Wall Street’s illegal behavior destroyed our economy, the middle class bailed them out. It is now time for them to help the middle class," Sanders explained. 

Much of the middle class is suffering due to disastrous trade policies, which Sanders consistently opposed. "I voted against NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China. I think they have been a disaster for the American worker. A lot of corporations that shut down here move abroad. Working people understand that after NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China we have lost millions of decent-paying jobs. Since 2001, 60,000 factories in America have been shut down. We're in a race to the bottom, where our wages are going down. Is all of that attributable to trade? No. Is a lot of it? Yes," Sanders told Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" last October.

Watch: Bernie Sanders' legacy fighting for workers:

The Communication Workers of America endorsed the presidential candidate last December. "CWA members have made a clear choice and a bold stand in endorsing Bernie Sanders for president,” said CWA president Chris Shelton. "He’s the candidate who can do it, and we are going to help him. When CWA endorses a candidate, it is just the beginning. Our 700,000 members are fired up, and we are going to work overtime to elect Bernie Sanders as the next president of the United States.”

“Since 2001, we have lost almost 60,000 factories in America. Not all of it is attributable to trade, but a lot of it is. Our trade policies must change. Corporations must start investing in Pennsylvania, Vermont, throughout the United States, not just searching for cheap labor throughout the world," Sanders told a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania crowd on Thursday.

Sanders' speech in Pittsburgh:

Both Democratic candidates have moved their campaigns to New York just days before the Wisconsin primary, which takes place on April 5.

“Three days campaigning in a state you think she would have locked up a long time ago means she’s at least a little nervous about it,” noted Ed Henry, chief White House correspondent, on Fox News. The New York primary is on April 19—so try three weeks. 

Here's the current status of Wisconsin and the East Coast:

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