‘I’m Coming For You B*tch:’ OR Governor and Law Enforcement Continue Getting Threats Over LaVoy Finicum’s Death


It’s been two months since law enforcement shot and killed LaVoy Finicum, a prominent member of the Bundy-led occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. But threats to officials, including the governor and law enforcement, continue to flow in, the Seattle Times reports.

The threats have come through email, social media and phone calls and have been directed at Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who were high profile officials vocally trying to bring the occupation by right-wing militia members to an end. Other threats were directed at state troopers and FBI agents.

“If I was a member of the crew who ‘took down’ LaVoy Finicum. I would know this: no matter where you hide, you and your families will be exposed,” one man wrote in an email to police officers. “Until you are tried and acquitted in your community by a jury of your peers, your lives will continue to be worth less than a bucket of warm spit.”

Another threat, aimed at Ward, was posted to Facebook, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

“He is still alive?” the man wrote. “What’s his address? Seriously.”

OPB points out misogynistic terms were used regularly against Kate Brown as part of the threats against her.

“If she orders a hit on those ranchers and we’re all about the rise up, she’s going to come and get hers so deal with it [expletive],” the caller said.

“You killed an unarmed rancher, so now one of you must die,” another caller to her office said, according to the Times.

Finicum was armed with a loaded weapon. He was shot by authorities when he reached for it. Finicum had crashed into a snowbank while he was trying to evade a roadblock set up by police and FBI agents.

Yet another man threatened to burn a Koran — the Muslim holy book — outside the home of a state trooper who was involved in the incident and at the site of the occupation.

Authorities haven’t released the names of the officers involved, citing safety concerns, according to OPB.

A print-out of the threats was provided to OPB.

One message, with the subject line, “FYI,” is directed at the governor.

“Yeah, Kate Brown authorizing federal agents to use deadly force. F*ck you. You better watch your back, b*tch.”

Another says, “You killed an unarmed rancher, so now one of you must die unfortunately. Goodbye.”

Yet another says, “Get ready whore. I’m coming for you fast and hard b*tch.”

Yet another message demands the release of militia members that were arrested and are being held on federal charges related to the January stand-off.


Authorities are investigating the threats, according to reports.

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